Benefits of Cannabis for the Community

An exploration into the potential benefits of legalization around the globe shows how beneficial cannabis is to the modern social and economic situation. A journey into the consciousness of cannabis shows a plant that is willing to help everybody in the community. Read here to find out more about how weed benefits the world.

Imagine that there was a product people actually wanted to buy, that served them in a positive way, and then that contributed in a way back to the community. Although it might not seem like such a product actually exists in the commercial market, there is. That product is called cannabis.

Unfortunately, most of the products on the commercial market around the world are products that do not necessarily serve people in a positive way. For example, some of the highest selling products in the world include mobile phones and packaged or fast foods. These are the kinds of products that people like to buy, and they go a long way toward damaging the environment and causing negative health effects. And the money that is made from the sale of these products is hardly ever reinvested to serve the community in a positive way. It is too often used to catalyze or facilitate more financial growth without any consideration for the people and their well-being.

Cannabis seems to have arrived on the global market as a way to change this. The real cannabis culture is an entire shift in consciousness. It is a way to encourage the people to use a product that is good for their well-being, while serving the community in a positive way as well.

Governments also stand to make money from legalization around the world because of the amount of money in tax revenue that it will send their way. It seems that the consciousness of cannabis is out to serve everybody and, through its legalization, nobody loses.

From growth to growth

The industrial revolution left the world ever focused on financial growth. Through this obsession with financial growth, human beings forgot about the growth of the planet, the growth of consciousness and the quality of life. Growth for governments meant increasing the figure for surplus at the end of the year, and growth for global companies meant increasing the amount of product coming out and the amount of money coming in. As money became the primary focus of the world, and while it continued to grow, many other things began to suffer.

The planet is just a single example of one of these things that is suffering at the hands of this growth model. It also happens to be the one thing that is sustaining human life at the moment, but its well-being is hardly considered in the model of financial growth that the world is currently engaged in. However, the well-being of the people has also been at stake. The economic situation of the world has left most of the people in the world with very little money, and very few people in the world with all of it. This has devastated societies, caused stigmas between the different social hierarchies, and has effectively led to disconnectedness between people.

Benefits of Marijuana for the Community

Legalizing cannabis is about to change the entire growth model of the world. Its intention, too, is growth, just like any other plant. However, the growth model that cannabis has for the world is completely different. Its growth model includes cultivating the earth, giving people good medicine to use and giving back to the community. Naturally, as a result of this, the world will stand to experience some economic growth, but without the economic factor as its main inspiration, weed will continue to grow the consciousness of the planet.

Medicine for the people and medicine for the planet

Weed’s main avenue on its way toward legalization has been through its medicinal benefits. It was reintroduced into legality in the USA when it was legalized for medicinal reasons in California. For the USA, this was the beginning of a very long journey of the legalization of medical cannabis. We have found so many ways to treat people with cannabis, through smokeable cannabis to edible cannabis and even topical application. It is being used to cure a number of different medical conditions including epilepsy, arthritis, and cancer. Furthermore, it is providing a medical alternative to people that is healthier, comes with fewer side effects, and, in most circumstances, can actually be more effective than pharmaceutical equivalents for the same condition.

Cannabis can be an effective medicine for children, especially, because it is not dangerous for the body and comes with very few side effects. Weed has even been tailored to be CBD only through technology, which means that a medical user does not have to have the high that is experienced through the THC cannabinoid. Instead, they can experience the medicinal benefits of CBD without the stoned effect. It is a medicine that suits almost everyone.

However, cannabis is also providing some medicine for the planet. When it is grown correctly, weed is actually a way to cultivate the Earth. This is an economy that involves growing a plant which is feeding the the planet. We have been living in a time where land has been dug out for mining or trees have been cut down to build apartment blocks. But this is a product that people in the world actually want to buy that involves actually cultivating the land on which we grow it. Of course, there are still cannabis plantations which are using pesticides and making the land barren, but once the consciousness about this expands, the solutions will become apparent. When it is grown consciously and with care, growing weed is actually something positive we can do for the planet.

Benefits of Marijuana for the Community

For the economy and for society

It goes without saying that people all over the world want to buy pot. It is something human beings love using, whether medicinally or recreationally, and we have been using it for a long time. Predicting the economic benefit of this particular product is not hard — people want it, and they have been walking into dark alleyways for a long time to try and get it, despite the fact that governments have threatened to put them in jail for it. So that’s the score — there’s no doubt that once weed is available on the market for all, people will buy it.

Of course, governments stand to make money because of the tax revenue that is being collected from cannabis sales around the world. One major benefit of legalization for governments is the fact that it’s time they began taxing something that people already love to buy. In another way, cannabis is feeding the economy by giving people jobs for a product that is bound to be successful in its sales. This is how the economy benefits on both ends, from the perspective of the people and from the perspective of the government.

In another way, cannabis feeds the community because it is plain and simply curing people of diseases. At the very least, it is offering people a way to ease their symptoms that is not making their health even worse. There are also projects all over the world that involve the cannabis industry giving back to the community in the form of programs. These could be anywhere from programs for those suffering from substance abuse to programs about education on safe and conscious cannabis use.

Cannabis IS different from other drugs

Governments have tried to put weed in the same category as other illicit substances for a long time. But the fair truth is that weed is in fact different from these substances. It even differs enormously from pharmaceutical drugs, purely based on the fact that it is natural. Although cocaine, amphetamines, and pharmaceutical drugs are often derived from natural plant material, the amount of chemical interference that occurs to them means they reach the user in a form that is completely foreign to the human body. Weed is literally picked and then used.

This is probably half the reason that weed has been such a focal point for this issue for so long. It is a natural, mind-altering substance that is also medicine, a recreational intoxicant, and an educational tool. It is almost impossible to deny that the consciousness of cannabis is positive and encouraging the evolution of mankind. It is offering a solution to a wide range of problems, a quality that other drugs or chemicals are not offering. It is literally a tool that has been given to us by nature for the purpose of solving problems and finding creative solutions to environmental, economic, and medical problems. The future of this movement lies in the legalization of cannabis, a true culture that can emerge from the consciousness of cannabis use.


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