8 Tips to Cure a Weed Hangover

There’s no need to regret a good night of weed enjoyment that you had with friends. But it can be regrettable if you don’t know how to cure the inevitable weed hangover. So, you’ve found yourself with all the symptoms of a weed hangover. All the tips you need for how to cure it are in this article, so keep reading!

It’s a story we are all so very familiar with. So here you are, woken up by the dries in your mouth and throat, a coughing chest and stars in front of your eyes. You probably feel half as intelligent as you did two days ago, with a huge empty space in your brain that you swore was once filled with vital information.

How did you get here exactly? Somewhere in between 20 bongs, a handful of hash cookies and countless blunts, you lost your ability to discern when enough was enough. And now here you are.

The day doesn’t have to be a complete write-off. You can cure a weed hangover, if you are committed to doing so. Actually, it’s a huge test in discipline to avoid a weed hangover – once you’re in the flow of smoking with your friends, all discipline goes out the window.

So, we decided it was more fruitful to do an article about curing the weed hangover. What’s done is done – don’t stress about it. Just use these simple tips to cure yourself of the aftermath of a night of smoking.

1. Take a vow that you will not smoke this day

You could employ the age-old method of continuing to smoke throughout the day, thereby remaining stoned. But trust me, this will not actually solve anything. It will just make your weed hangover go well into tomorrow, meaning you’ll have to deal with it tomorrow.

So, do the righteous thing. Look at your own eye in the mirror and take the vow not to smoke. If you do smoke, you’ll lack the energy for the rest of the things this article will instruct you to do to cure your hangover. Be strong. You can do this. If you have to, hide your stash somewhere or give it to a friend.

2. Have a cold shower

Before starting the rest of your day, awaken all the cells of your body with a cold shower. I know this doesn’t sound pleasant, and it probably won’t be. But cold water invigorates all the cells in your body back to life. It will encourage the increase of energy in your body and it will put some oxygen back into your brain. Wash the smell of stale weed out of your hair and off your face!

3. It’s time for breakfast!

Some people think hangover day is the day for greasy food or a McDonald’s breakfast. Wrong! This will only make your weed hangover last longer. Your body is suffering enough, and that’s why you’ve found yourself in this position.

The way out is to give your body something nutritious – something that it will love. There will be time for greasy indulgences later. But the first meal of the day should be with the intention of replenishing all the nutrients you lost the night before.

Make it a big breakfast – eggs, toast, vegetables, cereals, fruits! Your appetite is probably ravenous. Satisfy it with healthy, nutritional food. Make yourself a herbal tea or a cup of coffee to go with it. Your body will thank you for the nutritional download.

4. Hydrate with juices all day!

8 Tips To Cure A Weed Hangover

Who doesn’t love drinking fruit juice? It isn’t just delicious, but a dehydrated brain and body also love fruit juice. Water is also a great source of hydration, but fruit juice contains lots of nutritional information that your body is missing.

Drink a huge cup of orange juice every couple of hours or whatever other smoothies and juices you love to drink. Maybe you’ve got some watermelon lying around? Or perhaps you’ll prefer a mango juice. Whatever it is, it will soothe a sore throat, sore chest and will fill up the brain with everything it needs to get itself back into working order.

5. Enjoy a nap

Okay, maybe making breakfast and juice required a lot of energy. It’s ok to lie down for a nap. Did you know that the body does most of its healing while it is sleeping? To get recharged for the rest of the day, you can enjoy a short snooze. If you have a partner, it’s even better to cuddle up for a little while.

6. Go for a walk or play with your dog

8 Tips To Cure A Weed Hangover

After enjoying breakfast and a nap, it’s good to be active for a little while. Exerting some energy will bring some life back into your body and mind, as well as preparing you for a really good night’s sleep. You might surprise yourself how uplifting it is to play with your pets or go for a walk in nature.

Plus, a weed hangover is far easier on the body than an alcohol hangover. You should be feeling much better by now to go out and enjoy the world without being terrified to show your face. Plus, if you haven’t broken the first rule, your face shouldn’t be looking so stoned as it did last night.

7. Relax with dinner and a funny movie

Lighten your mood by enjoying something you really love for dinner. Maybe it’s time for pizza or a burger – something that soothes your heart in the ways that only food can. Put on Pineapple Express and remind yourself how funny life is as a stoner – even if you do get a weed hangover from time to time. You should be feeling just about ready to take on the whole world by now, after a day of deep relaxation and food enjoyment!

8. Time to smoke a night time joint

Okay, you lasted an entire day without smoking. Congratulations! Now you know how good your body and brain can feel if you give it a few hours rest from the herb. But hey, it’s been almost 24 hours now. It’s okay to send yourself into a deep, dreamless sleep with a night-cap.

Don’t feel guilty about it – I promise it isn’t breaking the first rule. Roll up a nice, fat joint to smoke before bed. You might want to consider Jock Horror for a nice pick-me-up, or OG Kush for some extra relaxation. Of course, you won’t overdo it this time by smoking heaps of bongs. It’s just one joint. It will put you right to sleep, so you can wake up the next day feeling brand new!

You should be able to cure your weed hangover if you follow this routine. Who knows – you might even be able to get some work done between meals and napping. Remember: if you don’t overdo it, you probably won’t have a hangover! So always use cannabis responsibly!


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