7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts to Bring Your Love Life to a Higher Level

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your High Honey Bunny

Let’s be honest – the traditional Valentine’s day gift has become boring. If you want to be a little bit more creative this year, why not use the only flower that really matters? These gift ideas are designed for lovers of cannabis, so if your partner is into the herb, read this article for some cannabis inspired gift ideas.

If you and your lover are both cannabis enthusiasts, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than with a cannabis inspired gift. It isn’t just that your partner will enjoy receiving a gift laced with weed – but we all know that weed can act as an aphrodisiac sometimes. What a great way to encourage some romance in the bedroom!

So, throw away all of your traditional ideas for a Valentine’s gift. They are boring. Women love it when you give her flowers, but there’s a certain kind of flower that will excite her much more than a rose! Plus, the more creative you are with your gift giving, the more creative your partner might be in the bedroom.

We’ve got some ideas for a cannabis inspired Valentine’s gift that might get your gift-giving juices flowing. Whether you use one or even a few of these gifts next Valentine’s day, your stoned lover is sure to appreciate the gesture.

1. A Green Bouquet

This idea is a spin on the extremely overdone bouquet of roses. A green bouquet is a bouquet of buds.

If you grow weed, this is even easier to acquire, because you’ll need buds that are still on their stems. It makes it easy to tie them up, wrap them in some pretty paper and voila! You have a green bouquet.

It smells great, especially if you throw in some other aromatic herbs in there. But whatever you do, don’t have it delivered to her workplace. Her bosses and colleagues might not appreciate it!

These strains are perfect for lovers on Valentines day:

1. OG Kush

This strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, meaning it won’t make you or your lover too high for the occasion. Remember that too much of a cerebral high can make things weird, and too much of a body high can couch lock you – not sexy!

2. Trainwreck

Okay – this strain is called trainwreck because it is powerful. That means, don’t hit it too hard with your lover on Valentines Day. However, it does give a very euphoric and physical high, and is perfect as long as you don’t overdo it.

3. White Widow

This strain usually has a gentle effect to calm both the body and mind, putting you and your lover in the perfect place for enjoying an evening together.

7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your High Honey Bunny

4. Cheese

While the smell of this strain might not be the sexiest thing, its effects are extremely relaxing. It’s a perfect way to end a date and get relaxed for a romantic night.

5. Skunk #1

This hybrid strain is sure to put you and your lover in a happy, euphoric and excited mood. It contains the best of both worlds, giving your bodies and minds a chance to experience the joy of Valentine’s Day.

2. Foria Personal Lubricant

This personal lubricant is designed for those who love to use cannabis (products) in the bedroom. It’s perfect for a Valentine’s night. This lubricant is made with coconut oil and a premium cannabis extract, essentially giving your lady a high from inside. Actually, Foria claims that this product can enhance the female orgasm.

As you can imagine, this kind of high doesn’t really reach the brain. It’s extremely unlikely that your partner will experience the cerebral high of weed, but you can be certain that her private bits will enjoy the experience. It is recommended to apply topically anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes of getting jiggy!

3. Sensi Amore Chews

Depending on where in the world you’re reading this, you might have access to Sensi Amore Chews. These sweet treats are specifically medicated for the purpose of increasing sexual pleasure and increasing the libido.

It is designed to increase testosterone levels (the hormone that makes everybody horny) as well as to boost energy and improve performance. This can be a perfect addition to a romantic night, giving both you and your partner more energy for the night ahead. It also contains an 80mg dose of tongkat ali, a herbal aphrodisiac – so you can ensure that you’ll both be in the perfect mood.

A single one of these chocolates contains 50mg of THC, so it’s probably not recommended to eat the entire thing – especially if neither of you are extremely familiar with eating edibles. Too much THC before sex can make everybody a little bit tired and confused, so proceed with caution with this candy!

4. The Weed Candle

Weed candles are a great way to add romance to a night in. Depending on where you are, you will have access to different kinds of weed candles. Some just come laced with the scent of weed to excite the little hairs in the nostril of your stoned lover.

Other candles actually contain cannabis oil inside and are made out of coconut oil. That means that once everything starts to melt, you can use the melted oil as a massage oil. It is both a topical cannabis product as well as scented with the herb that you both love.

5. A weekend away in Amsterdam

Sublime - April 29, 1992

If you’re feeling particularly generous this Valentine’s day, perhaps it’s time to throw away the flowers and take your partner on a holiday. Amsterdam is a romantic city even without the addition of cannabis. But if your partner loves to smoke weed, then what could be better than going out to the coffee shops to sample some of the world’s finest weed?

You can enjoy smokeables and edibles together, and then enjoy a romantic walk along the canals of Amsterdam. This city is perfectly equipped with all the necessary munchies, too!

6. High-gasm Personal Lubricant

This variety of personal lubricant is of the edible kind, meaning it’s more appropriate for oral pleasures. What I like about this one is that the person who is giving the oral pleasure is the one who gets high in the end. If the other wants to get high, they will have to return the favour. Each 3ml packet of High-gasm contains 25mg of THC and comes in coconut and blueberry flavours.

Be careful not to use this product with condoms because it contains MCT oil and vegetable glycerine. It isn’t very latex friendly!

7. Homemade gifts

When a gift is homemade, it comes with an extra touch of love. So if you really want to give something special this Valentines, why not personalise a gift even more by making it yourself?

Over the years, we have shared many different cannabis recipes that you can make at home, from topicals to brownies. In any case, a homemade gift is much more likely to win you brownie points than something store bought! Here are a few suggestions.

If you and your lover are also into drinking, you can make a homemade weed infused alcohol or cocktail, but if you’re not really into that kind of beverage, there’s always cannabis tea. For lovers of smoking, you can make hash, rosin or even a homemade bong.  And of course, if you or your lover like to bake, then you can make a hefty batch of cannabutter!

Mix n’ match

The best way to put together a Valentine’s gift for your stoned lover this year is to mix n’ match the ideas we’ve suggested. Try putting some delicious cannabis edibles in a box and save the personal lubricant for later. If you can’t get access to cannabis lubricants, you can organize a green bouquet and cook an amazing weed-infused dinner for your lover!

Enjoy getting high with your lover this Valentine’s Day!


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