How to Make Cannabis Rosin

How to Make Marijuana Rosin

Cannabis rosin is a potent extract that you can make at home. Just like dabs or shatter, cannabis rosin is a highly THC concentrated form of cannabis, but unlike its extract counterparts, does not require a solvent to make. That’s why making cannabis rosin at home is easy, effective, and a high quality product guaranteed. Read this article to find out how to make your own cannabis rosin.

Cannabis rosin is a gift from the cannabis gods for those who are enthusiastic about cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts such as dabs and shatters are extremely potent forms of weed that have been reduced down to their most powerful form. However, the process of making them can be dangerous and sometimes leaves residual information leftover by the solvents that are used (such as propane or butane). The beauty of cannabis rosin is that it doesn’t require any solvents that have harsh chemicals in them. It doesn’t require a solvent at all!

Making cannabis rosin in your very own home with household items is incredibly easy. Aesthetically, it is nearly impossible to tell rosin apart from shatters or dabs that are made with solvents. The principle is basically to use heat and apply pressure to extract the very potent resin from your flowers. You can use buds, hash, or kief for this method, and you probably won’t have to buy anything that isn’t already in your house to do it.

How to Make Marijuana Rosin

There are more reasons to make rosin at home than simply because it’s easy. Avoiding the use of chemical solvents in making extracts has a wide range of benefits. Not only are you much safer in the sense of no chemicals making it into your final product, but rosin beats shatters hands down when it comes to flavour. You are also not really compromising potency or effect by doing it this way. Plus, you don’t have to risk your own safety by using butane to make your own BHO.

How to Make Cannabis Rosin

All you are going to need to make your own cannabis rosin at home are the following items:

  • A hair straightener (Preferably one that you can set to 150 degrees Celsius or less. If you allow the heat to be too high you risk losing terpenes that are valuable to your final product.)
  • Parchment paper
  • Something to collect the rosin off the parchment paper
  • Some material to make rosin out of (whether it’s buds, hash, or kief)
  • You can have safety gloves or heat-resistant gloves handy if you’re prone to these kinds of accidents
How to Make Marijuana Rosin

You only need to use enough parchment paper to catch the rosin that comes out of your material, so it usually only needs to be a little bigger than what you are putting in there. Fold the parchment paper in half and put your material between the two sides of parchment. Press it lightly with your fingers.

Make sure the material is carefully lined in the parchment paper before putting the heat on it. When inside the hair straightener, press down for 3-7 seconds. You will know it’s ready when you hear a light sizzling sound. This means something has come out of your material!

Take the parchment paper out from between the plates of the straightener and open it. Remove the bud or chunk of material that is in there and then begin removing the rosin from your parchment paper. Some people use actual dabbing materials to do this. Otherwise you can be creative with whatever tools or household items you have lying around, like a screwdriver, for example.

If you like, you can go through with something sharp and remove any residual plant material that is left in your extract. Of course, it’s all plant matter so it does not matter if it stays in there. It is all smokeable.

Smoking rosin is just like smoking dabs or shatter, and the flavour is actually better. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to be reaping the fruits of your labour and it is completely chemical-free. This is a much safer alternative to other extraction methods that are available, and this one can be done from your very own home. So light it up and enjoy!


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