6 Tips for Pruning Your Cannabis Plants

6 Tips For Pruning Your Cannabis Plants - WeedSeedShop Blog

There are many growers out there who opt against pruning, but if you commit to this practice and do it well, it has many benefits. However, you want to make sure you do it right. So, we’ve put together a list of 6 tips for pruning your marijuana plants to get the most out of your garden.

Pruning is sometimes seen as a chore when it comes to growing cannabis, but it’s amazing how many little changes you make along the way can affect the final product. Basically, pruning is one of those things you will thank yourself for having done later, and it can actually help increase yields. In the case where grow rooms are getting out of hand, pruning can also help just to keep everything under control.

Pruning your cannabis plant is essentially a way to redistribute hormones naturally while growing, so you can maximize your yield and potency. So, here are a few tips to get you pruning in a way that will encourage the biggest possible yield from your plant!

1. Don’t stress your plants out too much by over-pruning

You would be surprised how much time your plants spend recovering after pruning. If you stress them out too much, they aren’t going to respond positively, so be gentle with them. Don’t ever remove more than 20-30 percent of the foliage in one snip or cut off too many branches at a time.

2. Get rid of lower branches early in the piece

6 Tips For Pruning Your Cannabis Plants - WeedSeedShop

The lower branches of your cannabis plant don’t receive all that much light, which doesn’t mean a lot earlier on, but later on affects growth elsewhere. Lower branches don’t really produce many colas, so you don’t lose much by pruning them and their leaves. Your plant will be better able to focus on sending sugars elsewhere to produce bigger buds.

3. Top your plants!

Topping your plants means cutting off the top branch, what would seemingly be the most luscious part of the plant to cut off. However, this cola restricts growth to the rest of your cannabis plant, and in cutting it off you can encourage growth everywhere else. That means a bigger yield in the end.

4. Get rid of dead leaves

As your cannabis plant gets older, you’ll find that some of the leaves around the bottom of the plant have started to turn yellow and even die. It’s actually best to prune these before they even turn yellow and die. Snipping these off will mean energy isn’t wasted there, where it isn’t going to be needed.

5. Wait before flowering

After you’ve gone ahead and chopped the top off of your plant, give it a few days to settle into its new haircut before flowering it. In this time, the bottom half of the plant will start enjoying the feast left behind by the top cola, and it will start creeping upwards. When this starts happening, it’s time to force flowering stage.

6. Call it a day

6 Tips For Pruning Your Cannabis Plants - WeedSeedShop

Once your plant has entered the flowering stage, you can put your pruning scissors down. It’s generally not a good idea to prune during this stage because the damage you do is likely to cause irreversible shock. If you really have to, you can snip off any leaves that you find dying at the bottom while flowering, but don’t do anything too drastic.

The best thing when it comes to pruning is to always be careful. Every time you prune, you are causing trauma to the plant. When you do it in the right way, the plant will respond exactly how you want it to, but if you get all Edward Scissorhands on your plants, they won’t be happy. Snip carefully!


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  1. I agree with your ideas and my experience over the years proves them right. The more you grow the more you learn. And i used to hate gardening but not anymore.

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    I thank you for all of the tips you have help me to go to the next level with it. Thank u

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  5. Thank u for explaining not to prune so much cause i havr threw all stages so ima try an not do it anymore do a heavy defo b4 i flip them in assuming its the sane for an auto flower.

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