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The best place to buy cannabis seeds that will grow into very large plants is here! This filter shows the varieties of WeedSeedShop cannabis seeds which see their size multiplied during the flowering cycle.

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The ultimate height of any specific type of marijuana is dependent on several components: how the plants are grown, their genetic heritage and breeding, where they are being cultivated and the size that the plants have attained at the time they actually begin to flower.

Sativa dominant plants tend to be taller and develop a more airy and elongated structure than their mountain cousins, the Indicas, which tend to stay shorter and stockier, like small fat bushes rather than aspiring trees. Almost pure Sativa types can actually quadruple in height during the flowering period!

The flowering time is also more elongated, and therefore people who buy seeds selected by this filter are advised to take into account the ceiling height of their indoor grow space and make it as much like the outdoors as is practical, in order to ensure the grower the best possible results.