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Cool / Cold

Cannabis seeds shown in this filter grow well outdoors even in cool and cold climates.

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They will all produce hardy, robust marijuana plants that begin to bloom early in the growing season and finish flowering quickly, to coincide with the last weeks of short, northern summers. Being based in Amsterdam, we know just how cold, wet and sunless the so-called summer months can be; it's no surprise that some of the finest weed for growing outdoors under these unfavorable conditions has been bred in the Netherlands!

WeedSeedShop has made a great selection of strain for people who want to buy marijuana types for cool and cold climates, and we’ve paid special attention to the flavour and strength of these easy to grow kinds of outdoor cannabis. From well-known oldschool strains like Holland's Hope and Early Bud, to more unusual or hard-to-come-by outdoor marijuana types such as Swiss Miss and KC33 x Master Kush, there's something to suit every taste and budget in our cool and cold climate category.

Don't be put off by the weather - cannabis is such an amazingly hardy and adaptable plant that it can produce varieties with the potential to grow almost anywhere, and skilled breeders have brought out these qualities with great success in all the strains shown in this filter!