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Cannabis Cup Winners

At WeedSeedShop, we've noticed that as soon as a strain joins the ranks of Cannabis Cup winners, there is a sudden rush of people who want to buy it. (We're smart like that.)


So we created the Cannabis Cup Winners filter to help you find the seeds of award-winning marijuana strains with total ease!

Cannabis Cup winning seeds are highly sought after for good reason. Their strain will have faced tough competition from other varieties, and been professionally tested by an exacting panel of judges (or at least smoked by a whole bunch of people who then voted). It's not always a good indication of what will grow most easily, but the Cannabis Cup winners do tend to grow amazing weed.

The many different ‘Harvest Festivals’ and marijuana competitions draw attention to exciting new types of cannabis - and sometimes, reaffirm the superior status of classic oldschool varieties. All the Cannabis Cup winners shown here are affordable, faithful renditions of strains which have won prizes in one or more cannabis competitions.