8 Best Smoke Tricks You Should Be Able to Master

8 Best Smoke Tricks You Can Master - WeedSeedShop

Are you tired of being the person in the background who watches the cool guy do smoke tricks at the smoking circle? We’ve all been there. There’s no shame in committing yourself to smoking isolation until you’ve nailed some smoke tricks to share. We’re going to help you in this endeavour. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of some of the coolest smoke tricks.

I know I’ve arrived at the party to watch many people do some very cool smoking tricks and felt – well – inferior. Mastering the stoner etiquette, showing off your homemade bong and even bringing a stash of homegrown weed sometimes still doesn’t feel good enough. If you smoke weed, it’s almost a birth right to be able to share in those visual oddities that are smoke tricks.

A smoke trick is almost like a moving piece of art that disappears just as quickly as it was created. But it is so damn satisfying to watch someone perform a smoke trick – and even more satisfying when you do it yourself!

So, you want to be cool? Well, so do I. But until the day comes where I really am cool, it’s better for me to keep practicing my smoke tricks alone. We want you all to feel cool too, so we’re going to teach you some of the coolest smoke tricks out there.

As a side note, vaping creates way more “smoke” than a regular joint. If you want to make smoke tricks with some epic clouds of smoke, it’s probably better to use a vaporizer than a joint!

1. Smoke rings: the oldest trick in the book


If you’re not keen to practice a single smoking trick for weeks, you should at least learn how to blow smoke rings. It really is the oldest trick in the book, and even so, it is still impressive.

Take a big puff of vapour or smoke. Let the smoke sit in your cheeks for a few moments. Then open your mouth to form the shape of an O. It’s as though you’re about to kiss someone, but your mouth is slightly open rather than being pursed.

Now, this is up for debate, but I think it’s important. You want to poke your tongue inside your mouth. Don’t stick it out, but poke it all the same. Then use contractions of the throat to push the smoke rings out. You don’t want to blow – this will create some very messy smoke rings. Rather, open and close the throat using the muscles there to push the smoke out of your mouth.

A different method is to open your mouth, make tight lips that go slightly inward, stick your jaw out, and do small coughs.

It can take some practice, but when you nail it, it’s a popular smoke trick!

2. The French Inhale

This is that really cool trick that creates the effect of a passage of smoke travelling from the mouth to the nose or the other way around. It’s kind of a hard trick to nail, but once you get it, it’s second nature.

Get as big a puff as you can inside your mouth. Again, hold it in until it’s time to impress. By pushing the jaw forward slightly and opening the mouth, you can encourage smoke to come out in an upward direction. Then inhale slowly through the nose. A gentle, slow inhalation will create a consistent flow of smoke from the mouth into the nose.

3. The Bane Inhale (French Inhale with a twist)

The Bane Inhale is a lot like the French Inhale, but the twist creates the same effect as the mask worn by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

The principle is the same as the French Inhale. You’re going to inhale through your nose to draw up all the smoke from your mouth. The difference with this one is that you’ll rest your top teeth on your bottom lip while letting the smoke out. This will release the smoke through gaps in your teeth and mouth. The “streams” of smoke or vapor will create an effect that makes it look like you’re wearing the Bane mask!

4. The Waterfall

Oh, finally! A trick that’s easy enough! The waterfall trick employs the rules of physics to create something like the effects out of a sci-fi movie. Your friends might mistake you for a crazy scientist.

For the waterfall, you’ll need some different materials. You’ll need something to smoke or vape, an empty bottle and some ice. Put some ice in the bottle that you’ve chosen. Now take a huge inhale and exhale into the bottle. The ice will cool the smoke down, letting it sink to the bottom. Now tip the bottle over and let the smoke roll out onto the table or surface you are using. It will look like you’re pouring dry ice out of the bottle!

5. The Tornado

The Tornado trick is another one of those vape tricks that’s pretty easy and very impressive. It might take a few attempts to get the hand actions down-pat, but once you do, it’s not very difficult.

Again, this trick starts with a mouthful of vapour or smoke. This trick works much better with vapour than it does with smoke. Very slowly and consistently exhale your mouthful onto a flat surface, such as a benchtop.

The exhale needs to be very slow for it to collect on the tabletop. Sometimes it is better just to open your mouth and let it roll out.

When you are ready, use your hand to “cut” the smoke. In a very sharp and quick move, flick your wrist and kick up your arm. This creates the effect of a twisting tornado of vapour.

6. The Dragon


The disclaimer: this is one of those tricks that is easy, looks very impressive but does not get you high. With this one especially you’ve got to make sure you don’t inhale, since inhaling changes the smoke or vapour significantly. You should let it simply sit in your mouth before exhaling. That’s because you need a lot of smoke to create the desired effect.

Simply fill your mouth up with a huge draw of smoke or vapour. Simultaneously exhale through your nose and both sides of your mouth, creating the effect of a smoke blowing dragon!

7. The Bull Ring

The Bull Ring trick is a combination of two different smoke tricks. The first one we’ve already mentioned, which is the smoke ring trick. The Bull Ring simply adds a second part to the trick.

Once you’ve let the O come out of your mouth, slowly inhale through the nose so that the ring comes back into your nose. The effect created is that there is a bull ring hanging from your nose before you inhale the whole thing!

8. Smoke or Vapour bubbles

This is another trick that is easy to nail for beginners. It does require some props, but the final result is a magic bubble filled with vapour or smoke.

The tools you need for this trick are simply the same tools you would use for blowing bubbles. You need the bubble mix (usually made with detergent and water) and you need the wand. You create the smoke bubble in the exact same way that you would blow bubbles. This time, however, your mouth is full of smoke. As the bubble is forming in the wand, you’re filling it up with the smoke that you’re blowing!

As your smoke bubble is floating through the air, pop it with your finger to release all of the smoke that it contains!

Smoke tricks are an essential part of smoking. It adds a whole new layer of fun to your smoking routine. Plus, it makes the smoking experience a visual delight when you’re sharing it with friends. We hope you enjoy learning some of our favourite smoke tricks. Let us know which ones you like the best or smoke tricks that you invented at home!

And if you’re for the next step… Try joint art!


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