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CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg

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Discreet Packaging Free delivery Europe's cheapest

About CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg

CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg are a cost-effective choice for those seeking the benefits of CBD in a convenient form. Utilizing EU-grown hemp, these capsules maintain a high standard of quality and traceability. The CBD powder is crafted through a meticulous process of drying and milling the harvested hemp leaves, offering a premium CBD product at an unbeatable price. Each batch of our CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg is independently lab-tested to ensure it adheres to EU regulations and maintains our quality standards.

How CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg are produced

The creation of CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg begins with the cultivation of hemp within the EU borders, devoid of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The harvested hemp leaves undergo a drying and milling process to form a fine powder. Thanks to this unique method, we can provide a high-quality CBD product so cheaply. The powder is then encapsulated, making it an easy-to-use, affordable option for CBD enthusiasts.


Aroma and appearance of CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg

CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg have a neutral aroma, making them a discreet choice for daily use. The capsules are compact and opaque, encasing the fine greenish powder that is a testament to its natural origin and meticulous processing.


How to store CBD Powder Capsules 15 mg

CBD Powder Capsules are a natural product and will degrade over time. However, with proper storage, they can remain effective for an extended period. Always store them in a closed container, in a cool and dry place, either on a shelf or in the fridge. When stored correctly, the capsules will remain viable for about two years. Improper storage may shorten the shelf life. Please refer to the best before date on the packaging for further details.




  • Concentration: 15 mg CBD per capsule
  • Sizes available: 30 capsules
  • Form: Powder
  • Production: Dried and milled EU-grown hemp leaves
  • Solvents: Free from solvents and petrochemicals
  • Origin: EU-grown hemp
  • Pesticides: No artificial fertilizers or pesticides used
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Lab-tested: Every batch is lab-tested by an independent lab

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