Where Does Cannabis Grow in the Wild?‏

Where Does Cannabis Grow in the Wild?‏ - Weed Seed Shop Blog

As a result of human intervention on the cultivation of cannabis, we have reached the point where we’re able to grow the plant indoors. But before humans began cultivating cannabis for their own personal use, where did it grow in the wild? It grows as rampantly as any other weed in some parts of the world. Check this piece to explore where weed grows in the wild and how to find it.

In more recent times, cannabis has been known to grow in locations that have been specifically selected to grow it. That means that most cannabis plants have been a result of human intervention on the cultivation of weed, rather than actually growing naturally. The cannabis plant that we smoke today is more the product of human intervention than it is nature. The final product that reaches the consumer is usually the unpollinated female cannabis plant, and this is not what usually grows in the wild.

The kind of cannabis that grows in the wild is usually known as “ditch weed” and is usually a small, bushy type of cannabis that doesn’t really contain high levels of THC. Of course, that’s not to say that high-level THC cannabis does not grow in the wild, although it’s unlikely plants get to that stage before being eaten by a deer. So where does weed grow naturally? This is an exploration into the places in the world where weed grows in the wild, and the potential reasons that it does so.

What kind of climates does cannabis like?

It’s important to consider the kinds of climates cannabis likes, as this can give some insight into where it grows naturally. In general, weed likes warmer, more humid climates. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t grow up in the mountains, of course. There are people cultivating cannabis high up in the Himalayas in Nepal. Weed is quite a resilient plant, and it can grow basically anywhere except for the desert and Antarctica. This is one of the reasons that cannabis has been able to spread its seed across the four corners of the globe. It just requires enough sun and a little bit of heat, and it’s good to grow.

Cannabis originated near the Himalayas near Afghanistan, so it is known to grow naturally in drier, cooler climates. However, it has since then spread all over the world through human beings’ very keen interest in it. Through cultivating it all over the world, we have found that weed grows in a range of different climates and can survive just about anywhere in the world. These days, we see that cannabis grows better in humid, warmer climates, so it is not unlikely to find weed in places far from where it originated.

Where Does Cannabis Grow in the Wild?‏ - Weed Seed Shop Blog

Where are you likely to find wild cannabis?

In general, it is safe to say that there are probably wild cannabis plants growing all over the world. A lot of them may be unrecognizable to most people because it is a smaller, bushier hemp plant. However, there are known to be fields of cannabis plants in certain parts of the world, because their climate allows the plant to grow quickly and strongly. In general, those places which experience warmer, more tropical climates are the home of most of the wild weed growing in the world.

There are known to be enormous fields where weed is sprouting left, right, and centre in Mexico and Jamaica. Weed has been an enormous part of the culture in Jamaica because of how readily available it is there, and even the laws in Jamaica are finally starting to catch up. The heat and the humidity in these two parts of the world mean that someone just has to basically throw a seed into a field, and you can pretty much guarantee that it will grow into a cannabis plant.

Cannabis is also said to have been growing naturally in the Midwest of the USA for decades now. These plants are probably remnants of what used to be an enormous hemp culture in the USA. Once upon a time in American history, it was considered patriotic to grow hemp because of how important it was to America’s agriculture. Because cannabis is a weed, it has the characteristic of sticking around in a particular location for a very long time. However, this cannabis is usually quite low in THC and so doesn’t get the user high the same way commercial-grade cannabis might. Weed is cultivated these days with the very purpose of having a very high THC content, but weed that grows naturally does not necessarily have the same intentions.

Where Does Cannabis Grow in the Wild?‏ - Weed Seed Shop Blog

When is a good time to go wild weed hunting?

So, it doesn’t really matter where you live in the world — chances are there is wild weed growing somewhere. It is less likely to be growing in the parks of major cities than to be in the mountain areas, but it is certainly growing in parts of Africa, Asia, and the USA. So, when is a good time to go looking for weed that is growing in the wild?

Those who are growing outdoors know that most cannabis plants are flowering in the autumn time of the year. Of course, a lot of wild cannabis plants do not necessarily make it to flowering time because of predators such as deer. But if you do manage to find a little treasure that is still alive by the fall, that is the best time to go picking. During the autumn is when the flowers of a cannabis plant begin to appear and turn into the kind of dense buds that growers like to pick. So, irrespective of where you are in the world, if there is weed growing there, it’s time to go picking during the autumn!

Walking down the street and finding a cannabis plant growing naturally is an unusual occurrence for most people. Most weed is grown these days on farms, and those plants that are found growing in the wild are usually hemp plants. If you do happen to be walking in a field nearby and see a cannabis plant, it might not be wild. Some plants are being grown illegally in locations where it might seem like there is a plant growing naturally. So beware when you are going out to look for wild cannabis plants. A group of tall plants growing somewhere where you do not see any other cannabis plants could be a sign of someone hosting an illegal operation. Be careful not to cut down any plants that could get you into trouble!


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  1. Where in Spain area Alicante grows weed exactly?
    Please if you know the answer can you mail it to me

    1. olivier - WeedSeedShop

      Hi Niall, I don´t know of any landraces that are native to Australia but yes of course marijuana grows wild in Australia. It´s a huge country with a diverse landscape and different climate zones. Sativas especially tend to thrive Down Under. Have a great week! Olivier

    1. olivier - WeedSeedShop Staff - WeedSeedShop

      Hi Butt, hemp with very little THC can grow wild in Northern America. Not the kind you want to light up. Have a good week, Olivier

      1. True, Oliver, I’ve tried the ditch weed, its so weak I might as well be back in the fourth grade. but there is plenty of it in the state parks and near the rivers. stems and seeds, let the deer have it, only there are very few deer here so buds do grow. sincerely, stuck in Kansas

  2. So the 3 types -sativa rud.. and indica are all indica and just bred and transported around the world. In the 70-80’s there were distinct it seemed strains: evidently brought from specific regions Are all these just crossbreeds or locals over the ages making these strains. Columbian Brown, red, gold. lowland multicolor, santa marta. Mexican guraran mitchuacan yuahaca sp?? A farmer brought his kilos of lowland multicolor into town when gringos show up and would sell them for 25$/kilo. Bus back to bogota after shipping tires and etc to the states..oh the times. Sorry distracted Anyone sell columbian seeds-sounds like a great idea guys.

  3. I was hiking in Tennesse and found a tree like plant with leaves like marijuana. The leaves were only at the top of the plant and a hard stem. Maybe it’s some kinda a variant …

  4. “the four corners of the globe”

    Good one. The Earth is stationary and plane though 😉

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