Where Can You Go to Cannabis College?

Where can you go to cannabis college? - WeedSeedShop Blog

As the competition rises for employment within the cannabis industry, education facilities are popping up around the world. There are now institutions that are completely dedicated to the study of cannabis. Whether it’s for the purpose of a qualification, for information on investment or simply just public education about cannabis, there is a school for it. Check out this article to learn about all the places to study about weed.

As the dawn of the cannabis age draws nearer, all of the possibilities become infinite. Cannabis jobs have become highly coveted ones, and there are now places you can study to become a professional in the field of ganja. There are now facilities all over the world that are completely dedicated to studying cannabis and the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know about this magical plant.

It’s likely that the opportunity to study cannabis officially comes about as a response to the competition for jobs in the cannabis industry. As the economy blooms into something we never expected within the cannabis sector, investors and enthusiasts alike want to jump on the bandwagon. So having a degree in cannabis isn’t at all a waste of time. It can qualify you for a lot of jobs in the weed world!

You can study cannabis from anywhere

Feeling disappointed because you can’t study cannabis in the country you were you live in? There’s no need to – because you can study cannabis online from anywhere in the world. Many of the universities and education institutions offering study on cannabis are offering online courses, which make them available to just about everybody. Online study has its advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately boils down to a matter of preference. Of course, that doesn’t mean that having a degree in cannabis gives you hiring potential in all places of the world. Somewhere where cannabis is illegal, your qualification is useless. However, online study gives the opportunity for any enthusiast to study cannabis, and also gives them something to hold on to for use in another location.

Where can you go to cannabis college? - WeedSeedShop Blog

The most accredited online cannabis qualification belongs to the Cannabis Training University. All of their courses are also very affordable, all resting at $197. This university holds some of the most recognized certificates in the industry, and many of their students go on to find jobs after their study. Cannabis Training University was the first official college for cannabis and was established in 2009.

Another one is Cannabis Training Institute (similar name, different company), created in 2013. The courses at this online university are considerably more expensive, but come with complete access to online study materials regarding cannabis. There are many more online universities now offering courses on cannabis, including the THC University. Online universities are gaining popularity as a study platform because of how accessible it is to anybody in the world.

Or go and study in a classroom…

If you prefer classroom style learning, there are cannabis universities offering that, too. The best classroom style cannabis college award winner went to Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. It was formed in 2007 and was the first American cannabis college ever. Portland has also responded to this by creating their own cannabis university called Portlandsterdam University, with the lovely tagline “Your place for higher education”. There are full time and part time study options, access to resources and all information cannabis. Just like the online universities, the qualifications are accredited in the right places, and they can be a ticket into jobs in the cannabis industry.

Studying the cannabis economy

There are even schools now dedicated to the study of the cannabis economy. That’s right – you can study just how to do business within this booming industry. It makes sense, given that the industry is new and people want to learn how to trade inside of it. These studies don’t really involve tips on how to grow great cannabis or the best bulbs for an indoor operation. In these courses, the focus is on how to start a cannabis business.

The Marijuana Business Academy sells courses online for $299 US. Some radio hosts have coined the founder of this university, KC Stark, as the “Steve Jobs of the medical marijuana world”.

The Amsterdam Cannabis College

Where can you go to cannabis college? - WeedSeedShop Blog

The Amsterdam Cannabis College, located in Amsterdam, is arguably the first education facility ever built solely for the purpose of teaching people about weed. Henk Poncin and a few other people who formed a group called the “Green Prisoners Release” founded it in 1997. They were dedicated to providing information that was beneficial about therapeutic, social and safety issues regarding cannabis use.

Although the college itself does not offer formal education regarding weed, and definitely doesn’t send people off with certificates, it is a center dedicated to public education. Services include a huge library, a laboratory for quality control testing of THC and plenty of information regarding safe and effective ways to use cannabis. The Cannabis College also offers training sessions for those who work at coffee shops or are looking to work at coffee shops.  The Amsterdam Cannabis College is a place to learn all things cannabis.


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