7 Best Weed Strains for Sleep

Some people say that cannabis helps them drift off into a restful sleep, and others say it keeps them awake all night with creative impulses. Well – if you’re looking to treat insomnia with weed, it’s all about choosing the right strain. You won’t make the mistake of smoking energising weed before bed if you take our strain recommendations in this article!

Completely exhausted, but can’t wind down enough to fall asleep. Absolutely sleep deprived, but can’t shut the mind up enough to close your eyes. Could there be anything worse? Insomnia: an unfortunate and extremely frustrating sleep disorder that affects so many people.

Many experience insomnia as a symptom of other ailments, such as PTSD or night terrors. But for others, insomnia is something that just takes hold in life every now and then. And there are lots of different “cures” out there.

From sleeping tablets to hardcore exercise before bed, there’s still one solution physicians are less likely to throw out there. THC. While it’s not a one-stop shop for all sleep problems, cannabis can have that effect of providing some much-needed time off.

So, to all those insomniacs, this article is for you to read. We’re talking about the best strains for ensuring you a good night’s sleep, one of the most pleasurable things in life.

Indica or sativa for sleepy strains

As a general rule, indica strains are much more likely to work as a sleeping aid than sativa strains. Sativa-dominant strains tend to act more on a cerebral level, encouraging mind activity and creativity rather than relaxing those sensations.

It is also advised to consume edibles rather than smoking or vaping. While inhalation brings the effects of cannabis on much faster than edibles, the effects of edibles last much longer. This gives you a better chance at having a good sleep for much longer.

Cannabis is not a long-time solution for sleep problems

Falling asleep easier is not necessarily linked to increasing the quality of sleep over a long time. We see this especially with alcohol, which can increase sleep onset, but decreases sleep quality. In the case of cannabis, researchers discovered that THC was associated with reduced REM sleep. Over time, this can actually disrupt sleep quality because a certain percentage of REM sleep is necessary for feeling rejuvenated.

So – if you’re using cannabis as a sleep aid, it’s best to use it for short bursts at a time since frequent users might build up a tolerance to the potential sleep-inducing effects. So, it is not a cure; it can be an effective aid for the short term!

7 favourite sleep-inducing strains

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the best sleepy strains on the market. This famous strain was literally made for keeping you warm on the inside while it’s cold and dark outside. Dutch geneticists knew what was up when they created this strain, and it’s been easing people into a sound sleep since the 80s.

This indica strain is a famous pain and stress buster, too. So if your insomnia is a side effect of chronic pain or stress, Northern Lights will heavy-handedly slam it to the ground.

2. OG Kush

Although OG Kush is a hybrid, it has become well known for delivering a powerful and heavy euphoria. This strain is usually recommended for those under heavy stress or depression, two reasons someone might be experiencing insomnia.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another hybrid strain that is often recommended as a remedy for stress or depression. It is extremely potent and very relaxing, easing the user into a stress-free state of mind.

Be careful with Girl Scout Cookies – they can often have large THC percentages and can be very strong. So dose carefully!

4. 9 Pound Hammer

This strain gets its name for very obvious reasons. It is a lot like a 9-pound hammer for the person who uses it, and it crushes insomnia and stress in much the same way. This strain is a no-messing-around variety of weed. Just indica, made for relaxation and sedation.

5. Big Bud

While Big Bud is more popular for yielding massive amounts in cannabis gardens, it’s also a very effective sleep aid. It is pure indica and deeply relaxing. The effects can be felt physically and mentally, making it a great strain to use before sleeping.

6. Cheese

Cheese is another hybrid strain that feels more like an indica than a sativa. While sleepiness isn’t the number one thing experienced by this strain, relaxation is. Again, it’s highly recommended for those who experience stress-related symptoms, such as insomnia. It’s the perfect way to get into a relaxed state of mind before getting into bed.

7. Skywalker

Well, sleeping must be a lot like going up into the stars and walking among them for a few hours before coming back to Earth. Skywalker is well accepted by those with anxiety or depression to loosen the grip of these symptoms. These are the kinds of feelings that might make it difficult to drift off into a restful sleep.

There is a disclaimer with Skywalker as there is with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain usually has a very high THC content, so go slowly when it comes to dosing.

Hopefully, with these 7 strain recommendations, you can find some sleepy solace in cannabis. On nights where nothing else will work to ease you into a well-needed rest, weed can be a very effective answer. Always choose your sleepy strain carefully!

Did we miss any? What’s your favourite sleep-inducing weed strain? Share your experiences with us in the comments!


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