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There are many websites that do provide grow guides and explain how to grow cannabis strains like weed. Some only describe how to germinate weed seeds, while others focus more on growing phase. Information on how to dry and cure the mature female weed plant can also available from other websites.
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  • Our signature weed Seed Shop Skunk strain is a winner on all counts! Fast, productive and potent with a delicious taste, WSS Skunk Feminized is also the most affordable feminized cannabis variety available to buy online!

    Don’t be misled by the bargain price – this is a top quality cannabis seed strain that will please beginners and experts alike. The original Skunk line has been around since the early 80s and has proven itself time and time again, both as a cup winning cannabis strain and a recurring favourite of the average consumer. There have been numerous variations on this basic weed type, and new hybrids made using it as a building block for the start of the breeding process continue to appear.

    By harvest time, the thick, sticky buds of WSS Skunk are covered with crystals and drenched in the characteristic sweet-pungent Skunk aroma. Her effect is a balanced mix of body-stone and mental high.

    The price of WSS Skunk Feminized has been kept low so that all growers, no matter what their budget, can treat themselves to a beautiful, easy-to-grow, feminized Skunk variety.

  • Want to enjoy all the benefits of a CBD oil food supplement, for the best possible price? You can here!

    CBD oil benefits

    If you want a peaceful night’s sleep, relief from nausea and pain, or just a calming influence, cannabidiol (CBD) could help. CBD oil has many reported benefits, like aiding digestion, helping relieve pain and settling an upset stomach.

    Our CBD Oil is a high quality food supplement made using the CBD found naturally in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, which we grow in the European Union. One 10ml bottle contains 300mg of CBD.

    Highest quality, best price

    We grow our plants using no pesticides or herbicides, making sure our CBD Oil is a safe and high quality product you can enjoy every day. We test the CBD Oil at every stage of the manufacturing process to verify the CBD content and confirm the absence of contaminants.

    We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of this food supplement, which is why you’ll find the best prices here – guaranteed!

    Our CBD Oil contains many natural ingredients that come straight from the plant used to make it, including different vitamins and amino acids, terpenes that are used in phytotherapy, and various phytocannabinoids – CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN.


    Store away from sunlight, heat and humidity. Refrigerate after opening. Shake before use.

    Use twice a day as a food supplement. Put up to 15 drops (1.2ml) under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds and then swallow. 1 drop contains approximately 1mg of CBD.

    This food supplement is not a medicine; it is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not a replacement for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet or using any new product. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or lactating. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • White Widow Feminized is a highly potent, feminized Indica-Sativa hybrid with an extra-large yield. The original form of this breeding masterpiece was created in the mid-Nineties from Afghani and Brazilian parents and went on to set the standard for the many "White" strains that were to follow.

    Before long, White Widow was featured on virtually every coffeeshop menu in Holland. It quickly became one of the most important commercial cannabis strains around, and a firm favourite among smokers, as well as growers looking for the best seeds to buy for big harvests from minimum effort.

    Our feminized White Widow seed strain will grow medium-tall, and produces strong branches. Flower clusters are large, heavy and very solid. Throughout flowering, buds become more and more thickly coated with the masses of clear resin glands that inspired this seed strain's name.

    White Widow Feminized has an Indica-dominant growth-pattern with a significant Sativa element in her effect; her buzz is powerful yet energetic and very social.

  • Cheese is one of the most popular strains of cannabis in the world, introduced in the ’80s and living on today. In fact, growers loved this strain so much that they put a very special effort into preserving its genetics for future generations.

    Just like any good, strong, pungent strains of weed, Cheese originates from a special Skunk #1 phenotype. The aroma and taste of Cheese were so distinctive that every grower who had the opportunity to encounter it wanted to get their hands on it. Finally, after a long time available only as a clone, the Dutch crossed it with a pure Afghani breed, producing the seeds available today. This means that they were able to grow the same strain with even higher yields than the original. It still retains the same distinctive taste, smell, and potency of the original strain that was loved in the ’80s.

    Mixing genetics with an Afghani strain is what allowed growers to make this strain even stronger than it was originally. It also allowed growers to increase yields to bigger than they were originally, another part of the reason this strain became so popular.

    Growing Cheese is a very rewarding experience, both indoors and outdoors, and it is extremely well-suited to SCROG cultivation techniques. Harvests remain generous regardless of where this UK-originating jewel is being cultivated, and the quality of its buds is astounding. Cheese Feminized plants produce elongated, beautiful, dense buds glistening with resin and trichomes. This plant is generally producing an average-sized yield and is only an average height. Sunny or Mediterranean climates are recommended for growing Cheese outdoors.

    When consumed, the effects make it clear that they are one of the reasons why the strain became a favourite so quickly. It is an indica dominant high, meaning it makes the body feel extremely good. Providing a relaxing, long-lasting high, smoking Cheese turns out to also be a source of great happiness that can take you to giggle-land, or simply make you feel euphoric and joyful for hours on end! Most smokers will use this strain to chill out with friends and feel the good vibrations.

    This is very much a strain of bud you can also use to chill out after a stressful day. It can very much act as a calming agent because of its high indica content. Take advantage of the medicinal benefits of this strain by smoking and chilling out to music or meditating. Although this is not very much a party strain, it is extremely good for those well-needed relaxing evenings.

    Medical properties of Cheese

    Even though Cheese is recommended more for recreational use, it does bring medical properties to the table. It is mostly recommended for the relief of stress and pain. It is sometimes recommended to treat insomnia, depression, and fatigue also.

    How to identify Cheese

    The easiest way to identify Cheese is by the trichomes on the outside of the buds. There are so many of them, and they are densely coloured white. Buds are a dark green/brown colour covered in glistening crystals.

    If you like Cheese, you will also like ...

    If you like Cheese, it's definitely worth trying out Super Cheese. For the relaxed, happy effect of Cheese, other smokers also like Northern Lights (which is another great strain for growers because of high yields). This strain is also high in indica, encouraging relaxation of the body.

    Those using Cheese to wind down after a stressful day could also like Trainwreck, which has great stress-relieving properties.

    Others also like any kind of Afghan Kush, and given that Afghan is one of the parents of Cheese, you'll definitely feel the resemblance between their highs.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Trainwreck Feminized is one of the punchiest strains available at weed Seed Shop. It is appropriately named Trainwreck because of its ability to enter your brain with the force of a freight train. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The indica sativa ratio is about 20/80 respectively. Trainwreck comes from Mexican and Thai sativa parents with Afghan indica genetics. So there is really no wonder how this strain got its very powerful genetics. The feminized aspect of the seeds means that the plant will only produce plants that flower as females.

    The high THC content in the Trainwreck strain makes the high begin with an intense cerebral rush, stimulating feelings of euphoria, encouraging creativity, and bringing a feeling of general well-being. The indica presence in this strain is responsible for an extremely pleasant and relaxing body high. This is the kind of strain you might use before starting a busy day, at a time when a big rush of energy would be welcomed. Beware with this strain. The cerebral high can come on quickly and strongly, which makes it quite an intense high. It is definitely not recommended for beginners or for those who prefer a more subtle experience.

    It is a delight to smoke Trainwreck Feminized with its sweet citrus and spicy pine aroma. Its flavour is earthy just like pine, and it has quite a pungent smell and taste. For those connoisseurs of marijuana flavours, the piquant taste of pepper makes this one a joy to smoke.

    Whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, Trainwreck is a great strain to invest in. For outdoor growing, a warm, sunny climate is the best environment for the Feminized version of the strain. The indoor environment allows Trainwreck to fully complete its flowering period within 8 weeks. Allow two weeks longer for outdoor plants. Just as can be expected from plants with a high sativa content, this strain grows to be quite tall. However, the indica component means that it also fills out quite nicely. It is not generally difficult to come to a high yield with Trainwreck, as plants do not require quite as much attention as with other strains.

    Medical properties of Trainwreck

    Trainwreck is also a good strain for those who are using marijuana medically. It has high stress-relieving, pain-relieving, and depression-alleviating properties. This means it is good for those medical marijuana patients suffering from ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety. It is also often used by those who are suffering from insomnia, as well as those who are experiencing a lack of appetite.

    The main cannabinoids present in Trainwreck are CBG and THC.

    How to identify the Trainwreck strain

    The buds on the Trainwreck strain are dense and solid, and you can identify them by their colour and trichomes. It has bright green calyxes with little brown pistils and large trichomes. You can also identify this strain by its very pungent lemony, piney smell!

    If you like Trainwreck, you'll also like ...

    If you like the Trainwreck strain, there are other strains that you might like. If you particularly like the uplifting quality of this strain, you should also check out Super Silver Cheese strain (sometimes known as Super Silver Haze). It is also a high sativa blend that is good at targeting anxiety and stress.

    You might also like Durban Poison for its uplifting, energetic effects, as well as its incredibly high yield. It is also a highly recommended seed variety here at Weed Seed Shop.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Isn't it great when one of the most loved strains of marijuana is available in a feminized version for your growing convenience? Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is extremely popular because of its incredibly powerful effects. This is a potent strain that you can have flowering in your garden relatively quickly. Being a feminized strain means that every seed you plant will grow into a flowering female plant.

    This strain's original genetics come from the original Haze and Afghani gene pool, but was bred using the Jack Herer, Cinderella 99, and Skunk #1 strains. That means that Amnesia also boasts the qualities of the old school Thai (an ancestor of Haze). That means that this plant grows a lot like an indica, but smokes a lot like a sativa. It is known to be shorter and bushier, but smoking it gives the user an incredibly powerful psychotropic high.

    The effects of this strain are so powerful, it is joked that it causes amnesia. It creates a very uplifting, energetic vibe that is perfect for creative activities. It is the perfect strain to lighten the mood, as it makes the user feel extremely euphoric. This is the kind of weed that you can smoke and then spend a day walking around the park daydreaming. In social situations, it is a perfect strain to encourage the giggles.

    Amnesia has a very earthy aroma that smells a little something like ammonia at times. The taste when smoking this strain can almost be sweet, and is extremely pungent. The very resinous trichomes that live on these buds make it extremely strong weed, both in effects and aroma. One of the main characteristics of this bud is how pungent it is before you even smoke it.

    This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor operations, as it doesn't take up too much room in an indoor growing space. For outdoor growing, a warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate is recommended. The flowering time for Amnesia is anywhere between 55 and 80 days, putting it in an average flowering time for marijuana plants. In the end, you should get quite a decent yield. Despite not being the biggest yield on our list of seeds, it is definitely among one of the most powerful strains. Inexperienced users should be wary of this extremely high THC content strain!

    Medical properties of Amnesia

    This strain has a high THC content, causing an uplifted mood. This makes it ideal for treating mood disorders or for those who are continually stressing out. Use this strain when you are feeling a little bit down or a little bit tired, and it should kick you right back into gear. The low CBD profile of this strain means it is not recommended for those who are treating pain or insomnia.

    How to identify Amnesia

    This strain gets its physical appearance from its Afghan side, meaning that the plant doesn't grow to be too tall or lanky. The buds are dense and a browny-green colour that are covered in pistils, just like any good Afghan strain. It is also basically drowning in resinous trichomes, making it quite sticky.

    If you like Amnesia, you'll also like ...

    If you like Amensia, you're probably the kind of person who likes an extremely powerful high. In that case, you should enjoy Trainwreck, which also produces an uplifting cerebral high. You will probably also enjoy K-Train, which comes from breeding Kush with Trainwreck. It also produces energetic, uplifting effects perfect for getting creative.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Trainwreck meets Kush in a colossal cannabis pile-up of the finest indica and sativa genetics! K-Train Feminized combines Kush, one of the oldest, most powerful, and best-loved indica strains from the mountains of India, with Trainwreck, a relative newcomer from the USA with an impressive sativa-dominant profile. This cross of genetics is a much sought after strain that delivers a sensational high. Now you can grow your very own K-Train with our feminized seeds, meaning that every plant will turn into a flowering, bud-yielding plant!

    Although this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, it is much more expressive of its sativa component to the user. It produces an extremely powerful cerebral high that can take some by surprise if they aren't expecting it, and the high can last for several hours. Having said this, it is still has an extremely strong effect on the body and muscles and is very relaxing. It brings an increased awareness to the mental state and gives great creative energy. This is a great strain for sharing quality time with friends or family, and is extremely recommended before creative endeavours such as music.

    K-Train has an extremely Kush-like flavour, meaning it is sweet and earthy to taste, but is a little bit spicy in the background. Somehow the smell of this strain is completely different to the taste!

    K-Train Feminized seeds produce solid, bushy plants with sturdy side branches that rapidly develop clusters of resinous buds. It is mid-sized with big, bushy leaves just like the characteristics of the Kush strain, although it has the calyxes and bud formations of the Trainwreck strain. This strain is highly recommended to first time growers, as it is generally quite easy to grow. It does not require too much attention and doesn't have too long of a flowering period. It also produces quite a decent yield — and especially something first-time growers could get excited about. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations. If growing outdoors, make sure it is a sunny, warm, and humid climate. It is completely suitable to grow using SCROG.

    K-Train isn't just a wonderful smoke, but a complete delight to grow. There's nothing to lose by having a K-Train riding around your garden.

    Medicinal properties of K-Train

    Indica is usually the best type of marijuana to use for physically painful conditions, as it relaxes the muscles. This hybrid has powerfully relaxing effects on the muscles and can therefore be used to treat chronic pain and muscle soreness. It is also very relaxing for the mind and can be used at the end of a stressful day.

    How to identify K-Train

    The K-Train plant looks like an indica variety, being short and bushy. The buds are thick and dense and have long, brown pistils dispersed on them. They are covered in trichomes that almost look milky. The leaves are a bright, light-green colour.

    If you like K-Train, you'll also like ...

    Well, it goes without saying that if you liked riding aboard the K-Train, you'll also like Trainwreck. Although Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid, you should be able to notice the genetics that dribble through to the K-Train. If you liked this strain, then you should also check out the Amnesia strain, another sativa-dominant hybrid that gives a wonderful psychedelic effect.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Super Cheese Feminized seeds are an indica-dominant hybrid strain, made by mixing the genetics of Cheese with another phenotype, possibly believed to be Exodus Cheese. The product of the mix of these genetics is prime breeding in the world of marijuana. This strain first became popular in Amsterdam in the 1980s, where it was sold in the coffee shops. It made headlines when it made its second debut in 2015, too.

    Super Cheese is definitely one for sharing with friends, as it is well known for its extremely euphoric and relaxed high. It's no wonder this strain was popular in the coffee shops, bringing the perfect vibe to a social situation.

    This extremely powerful indica strain gets its name because of its extremely pungent aroma and taste of cheese. The cheesiness and earthiness of this strain make it an extremely unique flavour to experience. It is one of the better tasting of the Cheese strains.

    It is a pleasure to grow Super Cheese because its flowering period is relatively short. It only requires 45-50 days for flowering indoors, although it may require a couple of weeks longer for outdoor growing. Super Cheese doesn't grow super tall, and has quite an average height, meaning it does not take up too much space in your grow room. If you are growing outdoors, it is best grown in sunny, warm climates that have a long summer. You can expect a medium-sized yield from this plant, but don't underestimate a medium yield. The buds on this one are strong enough to put inexperienced smokers on the ground. It is worth sacrificing an enormous yield to grow Super Cheese because it is an extremely powerful strain of marijuana.

    Medical properties of Super Cheese

    Even though Super Cheese is perfect for social situations, it also offers a range of medical benefits, too.

    It is extremely effective at treating muscle spasms and seizures, which makes it a very good treatment for those who have epilepsy. This strain is known to have an analgesic effect, meaning it is very effective at combating nausea. Those suffering from depression have also reported that Super Cheese is effective. Overall, Super Cheese is a good strain to have growing in the garden, perfect for friends and for medicine!

    How to identify Super Cheese

    During the flowering state of Super Cheese, small pink calyxes will appear on the buds. Some of these will make it into the final product, and it can look slightly pink or purple. The buds are a dense green colour and the leaves have a darker green tint. The trichomes on this strain are large, but less noticeable than other strains.

    If you like Super Cheese, you'll also like ...

    Those who like the effects of Super Cheese will probably also like to smoke any good Afghan-based strain. The high indica content of both strains make them very similar to each other in effect, although the flavours of the two are very different.

    Those using Super Cheese for its medical properties will also like Jock Horror for its abilities to combat nausea and depression. However, this strain is a sativa indica hybrid, meaning the cerebral effects can be considerably different.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Crossing Super Silver Haze with Cheese was an ambitious project which could have led to a true clash of the titans! The tall Sativa structure and mind-blowing high of one of the best-loved members of the Haze family had to combine with the compact, heavy, physically relaxing traits of Cheese to retain the best features of both varieties in a stable feminized seed strain. Success was achieved in a breeding line with the desired balance of vigorous growth, moderate height gain, rewarding yield and the all –important dual effect of body-stone and mental high. After no little effort, Super Silver Cheese was born; all that remained was to feminize the seed strain, and the finished product was ready for our fans to buy!

    Super Silver Cheese Feminized seeds will delight growers and consumers alike; the unapologetic double slam of Cheese and Haze potencies offers the best of both worlds, simultaneously elevating the mood and melting away muscle stress. The distinctive aroma of Cheese is sweetened by topnotes of chamomile and musk from the Haze parent, resulting in a special flavor that we can’t get enough of!

  • Ice is an Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid with a very heavy yield. Indoors, this cannabis variety works well in both hydro and soil systems. Ice will also grow happily outdoors in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

    With the Ice seed strain, we have successfully united quality and quantity. The ancestors of Ice include an old-time Afghani, a very special Skunk, Northern Lights and Silver Haze. An exacting selection process involving thousands of plants was used to isolate and reinforce the special balance of qualities found in this variety.

    The buds produced by Ice are thickly coated with trichomes and have a very dense structure with a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Solid colas cover the upper sections of the main stem and branches. Thanks to the incredibly large amount of crystals covering not just the buds but also the small leaves near them, Ice is an ideal type to buy for anyone considering making weed butter or their own hash.

    The effect of Ice is stoney and heavy; its buds are drenched in a rich, sweet, resinous flavour which contains hints of a sharp, almost astringent aroma.

  • Misty is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain which shares many genes and qualities (THC content in particular) with White Widow. Misty finishes earlier and grows larger, tighter flower clusters, which allow it to produce a greater yield.

    Misty is a short and stocky weed plant with strong, productive lateral branching. Buds appear a lighter green due to their extra-dense covering of sticky resin glands. Trichomes also cover the single-bladed ‘spear leaves’ which grow from the buds and THC crystals can extend all the way to the stems of the large fan leaves. This tendency makes it a good choice for people who want to buy cannabis seeds for a strain particularly suited to being used for hash making or resin extraction.

    Misty gives off a powerful sweet-musky smell with strong earthy and spicy elements. The Indica heritage is very apparent in this distinctive flavour. Smoke is thick and expansive, and the powerfully mellow stone is tempered by an energetic, uplifting high from Misty’s recessive Sativa ancestors.

  • White Widow strain of marijuana is arguably one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is one of the most delightfully balanced hybrids that are the product of Dutch genetic work. Its genetics begin with Brazilian and South Indian strains, and the final product is something that was so special that it became the parent of other "White" strains. Although its white offspring are also very impressive strains of weed, at Weed Seed Shop we think that this one stands strong as the best of the White varieties.

    One of the most beautiful things about this strain is its XXL-sized yield. It is a fast turnover of an extremely high-quality product, making it great for commercial growers. Its incredible popularity also makes it a clever choice for commercial growers, or even small-time growers, to invest in. Just like a perfectly balanced sativa-indica hybrid, it grows to be about average height and has a low to average flowering time of 55-70 days. It has thick, strong branches to support its thick, lusciously heavy buds. It will grow indoors or outdoors, but in outdoor situations, it requires a sunnier, warmer climate. These seeds are regular seeds, meaning that they will produce both male and female plants.

    The reason this strain is called the "White" Widow is because of an extremely generous frosting of white trichomes from Mother Nature. This should be an indication of how potent this strain is! Its effects are an incredibly high euphoria and happy mood, although it is quite relaxed. This is perfect for social gatherings or for creative energy. The strength and potency of this weed make it extremely pungent, with an earthy, woody aroma.

    Overall, White Widow is a great strain to have growing in the garden. It is a delight to watch its buds flower into clusters of beautiful white crystals, and it looks absolutely wonderful in the garden. It produces so much bud there's no way you could be disappointed, and the strength and effects make it one of the best seeds to buy. This is a top-rated strain!

    Medical properties of White Widow

    There is no doubt that the uplifting and relaxing energy that the White Widow strain brings to the table is great for treating stress. Those who have a tendency to become quite nervous or stressed after certain events should treat themselves to a hit of White Widow to calm themselves down. Its indica content also makes it effective at treating physical pain.

    How to identify White Widow

    The thing that makes White Widow different from all the other strains is, of course, just how white it is! The frosting of trichomes gives it an extremely milky white colour, with dark green buds hiding underneath. There are also long, white pistils and calyxes growing all over the plant.

    If you like White Widow, you will also like ...

    Those who are interested in growing exotic kinds of weed with all the different colours should also check out New Purple Power. Purple and white marijuana plants would look really good next to each other in the garden, wouldn't they? It, too, has quite a heavy yield! Big Bud and WSS Skunk are also other heavy-yielding strains for those looking to get the most ounces out of their growing operation.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • With AK48 Automatic, you can look forward to some of the most resilient and fastest flowering indica/sativa cannabis hybrid plants available. This hybrid is an indica-dominant strain, although its sativa component is still very strong. That's why people like AK48 Automatic — because it really is the best of both worlds. If you like both indica and sativa, and don't want to have to choose, this is a great strain for you.

    The effects of this strain include a very noticeable cerebral buzz, which no doubt comes from the sativa part of the plant. It is great for social or creative activities, as it makes the user extremely mentally alert. On the other hand, it also delivers the physical body high that those who use indica strains love. The uplifting energy that this strain brings is great for getting inspired for activities, although it is very strong marijuana, so maybe those activities are best done alone!

    Smoking AK48 Automatic brings earthy flavours that are slightly spicy and slightly sweet. The sweet aroma of mango can be detected in this strain. Overall, it produces quite a long-lasting effect on the user and smokes incredibly well.

    This strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, which makes it not only a pleasure to smoke, but a delight to grow also. It is characteristic of an indica plant, being only average in height with bushy leaves and buds on it. It produces a decent amount of sticky bud (covered in crystals, too), with quite a decent yield. A continental climate is what is recommended for growing this strain outdoors. It is fine under a regular, slightly warm climate. Otherwise, this plant also grows very well indoors.

    AK48 Automatic has an incredibly high THC content, which is what has made it famous in the AK family of strains. It was originally created in 1992 and its family has continued to grow into bigger, better, stronger hybrid plants.

    Medical properties of AK48 Automatic

    This strain is not generally recommended for those who are growing marijuana for medical reasons because its range of medical properties is not enormous. However, the indica aspect of the plant definitely offers some relief to those who are suffering from stress or anxiety. This strain is a great everyday medicine to deal with the general stresses of life rather than a specific medicine for certain symptoms.

    How to identify AK48 Automatic

    This strain grows very dense, decent-sized buds, so that is one great way to familiarise yourself with this strain. It is also covered in long brown hairs just like many other strains with Afghan genetics. Finally, this strain distinguishes itself with how densely it is covered in crystal-like trichomes. Very sticky in the hands.

    If you like AK48 Automatic, you'll also like ...

    Those who like the smoke of the AK48 Automatic will also like any strains that belong to an Afghan Kush variety. Those who purchase AK48 Automatic also purchase Big Bud, because of its high indica content. Big Bud also produces quite enormous yields (as the name would suggest), which those who grow AK48 also get to enjoy.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Papaya is a sweet, mostly Indica cannabis seed strain with a pleasingly short flowering period. At weed Seed Shop we think this one is great fun to grow, even for people without much experience, and just as much fun to smoke!

    A fast-growing, disease-resistant cannabis hybrid, Papaya is a heavy, sticky Indica which stays short and dense, making it very productive when flowered with the Sea of Green technique. It has this in common with some of the other Weed Seed Shop Indica-dominant ganja types, but if you're looking for a sweet and fruity flavour experience rather than the earthy, herbal end of the spectrum then Papaya is definitely the marijuana strain to buy!

    Papaya has an exotic tropical aroma reminiscent of the fruit after which it’s named, along with a distinct undertone of whiskey or pipe tobacco. The buzz from Papaya is deeply relaxing, almost narcotic. There is not much Sativa influence to be detected in the effect, making this an excellent evening smoke, especially after dinner.

  • It's no surprise that the Crystal strain is an award winner when both of its parents are also Cannabis Cup award winners. This strain boasts some of the best genetics in the marijuana gene pool, being the result of a crossing between White Widow and Northern Lights, two world champion marijuana strains. It is an indica-dominant hybrid, although both the sativa and indica components are felt strongly when it is used. The Crystal seeds available on weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, meaning both female and male plants will result from these seeds.

    The result of this amazing cross of genetics is explosions of solid, rounded buds that begin at the internodes and grow along the branches, developing a thick, even coating of shiny trichomes as they do. Crystal is one of the whitest and most sparkling types of ganja, and this is where it gets its appropriate name from. This strain of weed is definitely for those who like to get fancy with marijuana and a little bit of crystal. Its genetics are top of the line and a powerful stone to contend with.

    Smoking Crystal begins with a soaring cerebral high, no doubt caused by its sativa genetics. However, a very sedative body high soon balances out the strong sativa effects, and the result is a well-balanced body and head high. The smoke is thick and white because of the sticky resin, and this gives it a sharp aroma and sweet taste. Overall, this high is fast acting and pretty long lasting and great for those who love sativa but like to have a little something to balance it out.

    Growing Crystal is not particularly hard, but with some extra care this strain can produce an outrageously huge amount of weed. This strain grows well indoors or outdoors, but for outdoor climates it prefers something warmer and sunnier. If this strain is grown outdoors in sub-tropical climates, it can shoot as high as 3 metres tall and produce volumes of huge buds you've never seen before! Growers are able to get yields of 750 grams per plant if it is grown correctly and in a sub-tropical climate. Indoors it will acquire an average height gain and only needs a relatively short flowering time of 50-70 days.

    Crystal won the Best Seed Strain award at the 2002 Highlife Cup and is a beautiful addition to any garden! Whether you're an experienced grower or a novice, Crystal is a great strain to invest your time into. Aside from trimming to maximise yield, she really doesn't require too much work, and you don't have to compromise on quantity or quality!

    Medical properties of Crystal

    A high indica strain is always very good at treating any kind of physical pain, as it is very good at relaxing the muscles. Similarly, we recommend using Crystal strain for stressful days or difficulty getting to sleep. Crystal is also well known for combating nausea because of its analgesic effect.

    How to identify Crystal

    Crystal buds certainly do look like glistening crystals. The buds almost look frosted in white sugar, which creates almost a furry look on the buds. Brown pistils are dispersed between fat buds covered in trichomes and this bud is definitely sticky to touch.

    If you like Crystal, you'll also like ...

    So you like strains that are covered in thick, resinous trichomes? Then check out Ice strain, which is also coated in a generous layer of resin. It also produces a heavy yield. Those who like Crystal will also probably like Master Kush, another super strain of marijuana that produces a high yield in a very short flowering time.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • White Rhino is a mostly indica cannabis hybrid that's capable of producing a first-class harvest even in the hands of a novice grower. If you like White Widow but prefer a heavier, more relaxing stone, then we recommend White Rhino as a good option for you to buy. This strain boasts its genetics from a White Widow mother and a strong North Indian father. This strain is famous among medical marijuana growers because of its extremely high THC content.

    The background of this plant comes from Brazil, India, and Afghanistan, hailing some of the strongest genetics in marijuana. It definitely gets its growth pattern from its indica genetics, as it remains quite short and stout. However, smoking this strain in large amounts will definitely bring out its sativa side.

    The reason this strain is called the White Rhino is because it will put you down like a rhino. This hits the user almost instantly with an incredible physical and euphoric rush, making it a great smoke for bongs and pipes. It is a great strain choice for anybody who likes a powerful hit that is fast acting. Its smoke is dense and heavy with a spicy and delightfully acrid taste. Its aroma is sweet and it is quite pungent, both in the bag and while being smoked. The overwhelming sensation from using White Rhino is relaxation, so it's perfect for medical marijuana users!

    Growing this strain is recommended for those who don't mind putting a little bit of hard work into a high-quality, high-yielding plant. It is excellent for those who live in ideal climates to grow marijuana because it thrives well outdoors. However, for those growing indoors, this plant stays quite short and compact. White Rhino requires an average flowering time of 55-70 days, after which you can be pleased with an extremely fat harvest. These White Rhino seeds are regular, meaning that you will grow both male and female plants.

    Overall, White Rhino is a good alternative to White Widow if you're lacking the space for a taller plant. White Rhino also gives a much heavier, stronger stone if you're looking to medicate something or to relax and go deeper. You won't be disappointed with the quality of this smoke or the quantity this plant can give!

    Medical properties of White Rhino

    White Rhino has a high THC content, and, as all medical marijuana users should be familiar with, it is this cannabinoid along with CBD that make marijuana medical! This strain is a great reliever of stress and a great alternative to chemical pain medication. It can also be used to treat insomnia, as it can have quite a sedative effect.

    How to identify White Rhino

    White Rhino buds can be characterized by their wonderful green-brown colour. They have brown pistils coming out all over the buds and have dark green leaves. These buds are also quite resinous, almost sparkling with crystal-like trichomes. You can really see the Afghan heritage in these buds!

    If you like White Rhino, you'll also like ...

    If you like White Rhino we suggest trying out the White Widow because, well, White Widow is kind of the mother of the White Rhino! You will definitely notice the similarities in both and require similar attention to grow. We also recommend the Papaya strain for those who love White Rhino as it too is high in indica and produces quite a heavy yield.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Big Bud wasn't named Big Bud for no reason. There's almost no other strain on the market that has a yield big enough to contend with Big Bud's. With this strain you win on quality and quantity, because unlike other high yielding strains, you don't have to compromise on THC content.

    The feminized quality of this strain means that every seed you purchase will grow into a female, flowering marijuana plant. None of them will be male, seed-producing strains.

    Even though it comes from the USA, it was the Dutch who did all of the fancy genetic manipulation to make this strain available for growers today. The lineage of Big Bud originates in well known and loved Skunk and Afghan parents, and also contains the genetics of Northern Lights. These are some of the best genetics you can find on a plant yielding as high as Big Bud.

    Big Bud is generally quite easy to grow and simple to maintain. This strain does require a little bit longer of a flowering time of between 55 and 70 days but is well worth it for the enormous yield. This strain follows more of an indica growth pattern, being of only an average height. This strain is often used by commercial growers in the US because of the enormous yields it can produce, and it was even the winner of the Cannabis Cup partially due to its high yields. During cultivation, the smell of cannabis is quite subtle, but a gentle squeeze of the ripening tops will release a mouthwatering scent of sweet citrus, as well as leaving you with sticky fingers from their thick coating of resin glands!

    You can expect an intensely strong indica experience from Big Bud, as it is a dominantly indica hybrid. This means the experience is largely physical, like a tingly body massage! The cerebral effect is quite gentle, meaning the mood is quite relaxed with Big Buds. It has quite a strong sedative effect which means that smoking Big Bud can make the user a little bit sleepy. Smooth, earthy and woody are the best ways to describe this smoke, with the smell being a little bit spicy. This is the kind of bud you can't really go wrong with, because it's fun and not too intense. The perfect strain for chilling out.

    Medical properties of Big Bud

    Indica means relaxing tension in the body, and Big Bud is full of it. That means its medicinal properties are great for those who have muscle soreness or chronic pain. The indica content is also extremely good at inducing drowsiness or sleepiness in those who are suffering from insomnia. Big Bud is a good de-stresser after a long day.

    How to identify Big Bud

    You can't mistake the enormously large Big Buds for any other buds. They can be bigger than your hand and the colour is a deep green. There are brown pistils all over the buds. This strain grows with only very few leaves on the plant which is another distinct characteristic of it. Small shiny trichomes are sprinkled all over the huge buds.

    If you like Big Bud, you'll also like ...

    Lovers of Big Bud should have a look at the WSS Skunk strain. Similar genetics make them a similar smoking experience, although it doesn't produce quite the same yield as Big Bud. For those who chose Big Bud for its high indica content, you would probably like the AK-48 strain, another potent indica hybrid.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • The fact that Holland's Hope is tough, resilient, and easy to grow makes it a favourite among weed Seed Shop customers. As the name suggests, this strain was bred in Holland for the hope of growing marijuana in the colder, harsher climates of Northern European countries. The wet Dutch summers can be harsh for other strains, but Sensi Seeds and the White Label Seed Company came together to create a strain that is just perfect for those climates. Since then, many other breeders have gone on to create their own versions of Holland's Hope. The seeds for Holland's Hope available at Weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, so they will grow into both male and female plants.

    The genetics of this strain are Afghan and Skunk varieties, which would explain its extremely calming effects. Its indica content comes from its Afghan parent and produces an extremely relaxing and happy high. A wave of euphoria comes over the user at the beginning of the high with a cerebral buzz, and this is followed by a strong body stone. The flavour fills the smoker with earthy, sweet, and fruity aromas, and the taste resembles berries. This strain is perfect for relaxing after a stressful evening, or for a cold night by the fire.

    Holland's Hope is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is recommended for new growers. Outdoors, this strain will grow in cooler, wetter climates, and its performance in these climates is superior to many other strains. Its flowering time is also relatively short compared to other strains, flowering in just 45-55 days. For a plant that is easy to grow in a short period of time, Holland's Hope also promises quite a large yield. It is extremely resilient and fungus-proof, which is perfect for those cooler nights when condensation can occur.

    Holland's Hope is a must for any of those growing marijuana in a less-than-desirable climate. The result is a large volume of high-quality buds and it is easy to grow for anybody.

    Medical properties of Holland's Hope

    In general, we just recommend this plant to medically treat stress or anxiety because of its relaxing indica component. This also means that it can be used to treat mild pains or mild insomnia. The high indica content also means that this strain is great for increasing the appetite. Because of this, it can be used to treat severe weight loss that occurs as a symptom of some major diseases, such as cancer. We generally recommend this strain for chilling out with friends or alone for some good old mind medication!

    How to identify Holland's Hope

    The buds of Holland's Hope are a wonderfully deep green colour that is quite consistent over the bud. There are a few brown pistils dispersed over the buds, although not as many as other strains. The stems on this strain are quite thick and woody. The buds are solid and heavy, although not super resinous.

    If you like Holland's Hope, you'll also like ...

    Well, there's no doubt that if you chose Holland's Hope it was mainly for its ability to withstand colder climates. In that case, we also recommend the Swiss Miss strain and the Early Bud strain. Both of these grow exceptionally well in cooler climates that are harder to predict. If you love Holland's Hope's indica content, then check out White Rhino!

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • The weed Seed Shop Indoor Mix cannabis seed pack is the best way to sample some of the world's finest Indica-dominant strains without having to buy a lot of different packs! This enviable assortment of prime genetics contains seeds for some of the stoniest weed around, including famous names and award winners such as Master Kush, Afghan, Northern Lights and Skunk #1!

    Indoor Mix is a brilliant way to enjoy variety in what you're growing and consuming, without having to worry about plants in the same grow space having wildly different growth patterns. As all the types of ganja in the Indoor Mix are mostly-indica varieties, they will all have roughly the same flowering period and will be ready to harvest at about the same time.

    The Weed Seed Shop commitment to bringing good cannabis seeds for the cheapest price is one of the reasons for our Indoor Mix having such an affordable price! Not only can experimental growers and indecisive novices benefit from the mix of Indicas in this seed pack, but everyone can have fun trying to guess which variety each plant is!

  • Pure Power Plant, also known as PPP for short,is a Sativa-dominant cannabis seed strain created by blending some of the finest marijuana strains that southern Africa has to offer. Giant landrace varieties such as Durban, Swazi and Malawi were combined and re-combined to make the most of their large yields and cerebral high, until the offspring surpassed any of the parent strains.

    Be warned, weed Seed Shop does not recommend Pure Power Plant as a good strain to buy for anyone with a confined grow space! During the flowering period, Pure Power Plant can triple or quadruple in height. This leads to exceptional yields, especially from a ganja type with so much Sativa in its makeup.

    Weed Seed Shop Pure Power Plant grows long yet sturdy branches to support the elongated buds that develop in a visible spiralling formation around them. The high is very strong and sociable, making it an excellent smoke for talking, laughing and enjoying company - it's no surprise that PPP still turns up on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus!

  • Northern Lights is a multiple award winning seed-strain with a reputation as one of the greatest Afghani-based cannabis Indica varieties of all time. A super-heavy yielding strain that can thrive vigorously in a variety of environments, Northern Lights should be on everybody's must-have list. This weed commands serious respect from even highly experienced smokers thanks to the deep intense stone it imparts, and novices should approach the large sparkly buds with caution!

    As a cultivar with a short flowering time, Northern Lights was a natural choice to recreate as an auto-flowering strain. The combination of the original Northern Lights genetics and those of one of the finest auto-flowering breeding strains has produced a feminized selection of seeds capable of maturing into a crop of fat buds ready to harvest in only a few weeks.

    People who buy Northern Lights Automatic are investing in an excellent example of a low maintenance, high yielding Indica that lives up to the reputation of the original, and yet can even grow happily on a sunny windowsill!

  • Master Kush is a classic, mostly-Indica cannabis hybrid which produces a heavy yield. It can be cultivated indoors in soil or hydro systems, in a greenhouse or outdoors in a reasonably warm climate.

    Master Kush is a very powerful plant in terms of both vigour and potency. It finishes at medium height and produces strong lateral branches which quickly become weighed down with solid, highly resinous buds. The robust nature of this weed type means it will bounce back from most common grow problems experienced by beginners, making it a good choice to buy for first time gardeners.

    This version of the Master Kush seed-strain was developed from a number of old-school Afghani Kush plants in one of the tall apartment buildings in the south of Amsterdam (which earned it the nickname ‘High Rise’). The coffee-shops instantly fell in love with this potent hybrid; it has been featured on hundreds of menus over the years and you can still buy it in Amsterdam today.

    The earthy-spicy-sweet flavour of Master Kush is strong when sampled, while the smoke is both smooth and mind-bending!

  • Aurora Indica is one of our most potent and popular Indica cannabis seed strains. It's a highly sought-after weed due to its heavy yield, exceptional resin production and quick, vigorous growth. People who try these seeds (not to mention the finished product) once, do tend to come back again and buy more!

    This f1 cannabis hybrid is a blend of an Afghani cultivar and the legendary Northern Lights. It doesn’t gain too much height in flowering and will grow huge, heavy colas. Although Aurora Indica is not specifically recommended for beginners, people with a knack for gardening can achieve spectacular results even on their first grow if they apply a little care and patience; some growers have described Aurora Indica as being like an easier to grow (and cheaper) version of Northern Lights.

    Aurora Indica has a deliciously spicy black hash flavour and an extremely powerful Indica buzz. Similarly to its famous relative, the odour of Aurora Indica during the grow period is milder than that of the finished product, although naturally during the flowering period this increases with the development of the buds.

  • Skunk #1 Feminized is a vigorous Indica-Sativa hybrid with a heavy yield. This feminized cannabis strain is tough, resilient and easy to grow, making her ideal for beginners. Skunk #1 performs well indoors, in a greenhouse or outside in a reasonably warm and sunny climate.

    Skunk #1 was the first stabilised hybrid developed for indoor cultivation. This original true-breeding seed-strain was created in California in the late Seventies and arrived in Europe in the early Eighties.

    The ancestors of Skunk #1 Feminized are Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. This superb cross-bred genotype plays a fundamental role in the genetic background of many modern marijuana hybrids.

    Skunk #1 Feminized is very quick and uniform in growth and flowering, usually showing quite small phenotype variation and giving reliable performances. The whole crop will grow and flower like females, making this handy variation on a classic marijuana type one of weed Seed Shop's top recommendations for seeds to buy for novices. The dense chunky buds are a joy to smoke, delivering a devastating punch that’s drenched in a pungent, sweet Skunk flavour.

  • Northern Lights is a pure Afghani Indica cannabis seed-strain with a short flowering time, plus amazing production and potency.

    As a parent plant for breeding new strains, the Northern Lights family is almost as popular as Skunk #1. NL has the same advantages of potency, yield and vigour, plus a much lower grow odour than any Skunk. A large proportion of high-power, high-yield cannabis hybrids gain those desirable qualities from the NL genes in their background!

    Northern Lights has always been an extremely rewarding plant for indoor marijuana growers and can also be cultivated outside in a Mediterranean climate. This world-famous ganja is one of our favourites at weed Seed Shop, and we recommended it as one of the best strains to buy for a reliable indoor crop with a fast turnover time.

    Northern Lights has very short internodal gaps and produces thick clusters of rock-solid buds with excellent resin production. The smoke is full-bodied, sweet and acrid, with quite a subtle taste; many cannabis connoisseurs agree that NL’s main flavour is that of burning THC resin!

  • A quick and easy feminized auto-flowering cannabis strain that’s capable of maturing from seedling to harvest in as little as 12 weeks! WSS Skunk Automatic seeds produce compact, chunky marijuana plants with short internodal spaces and a great yield of solid buds which bristle with sparkling THC crystals.

    WSS Skunk Automatic’s complex flavour contains elements of mango and exotic spice, and her buds produce an initial energetic high followed by a comfortable relaxed ‘stone’. This feminized strain is ideal for beginners to buy, and anyone else seeking a fast, no-fuss crop. WSS Skunk Automatic doesn’t need a change in light-cycle in order to begin producing her fat, resin-laden flowers. Blooming begins as early as the sixth week of vegetative growth, around the time the plants produce their fifth to eighth set of true leaves.

    Cultivating auto-flowering cannabis strains outdoors has advantages in every climate. For growers with short summers, WSS Skunk Automatic’s solid, resinous buds can be soaking up the sun weeks before regular, photosensitive marijuana varieties have even begun to form flowers. When seeds are planted at the beginning of spring WSS Skunk Automatic can be harvested as early as August.

    In regions with warm weather from the beginning of spring and long, sunny summers, this strain can produce two or even three harvests per year in the hands of a skilled grower. WSS Skunk Automatic usually stays under 110cm whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Durban Poison has a very heavy yield for a mostly-Sativa variety. At weed Seed shop we think this is a great advantage, as we love both the effect of the Sativa high and the satisfaction of a big fat harvest; it was not a hard decision to buy seeds of this fantastic weed.

    This seed-strain is a hybrid of a potent, early Dutch Skunk and a pure, unadulterated African Sativa from a secret cannabis garden located just outside Durban, South Africa. The offspring were back-crossed with the African parent, resulting in our 75% Sativa hybrid. The final result is a cannabis seed strain that likes to grow tall with a good number of up-reaching side branches, giving plenty of room for the buds to develop during the flowering period. Even for a Sativa dominant strain, the common Durban Poison phenotype is an unusually dark green, and a large amount of Durban Poison weed plants growing together outdoors can resemble a copse of pine trees!

    Durban Poison grows tall and produces huge, thin-bladed leaves. Its long, tight buds have a spicy-pungent flavour with a strong note of aniseed and are famous for their heavy, almost psychedelic high!

  • Hawaii Maui Waui is a tall tropical Sativa, and has long been known as one of the most highly-valued marijuana strains to come out of the Hawaiian Islands. Bring a taste of the ultimate holiday destination to your garden with our top-quality Hawaii Maui Waui cannabis seeds from weed Seed Shop!

    Outdoors in a Mediterranean climate, this beautiful example of cannabis Sativa can grow to full size and produce an enormous harvest. It's also suitable for growing indoors and can even be kept short enough for a Sea of Green system by flowering the plants at a small size.

    Through years of back-breeding we have captured the true taste of the Valley Island in this seed-strain; Hawaii Maui Waui bursts with a strong, sugary, citrus-Haze flavour and has undertones of other tropical fruits. It was a great delight to finally have these seeds on the market for people to buy, as the genetics from this part of the world are highly sought-after by those who are looking for something a little bit different.

    At harvest time, Hawaii Maui Waui's long buds are thickly coated in resin glands and the buzz from this strain is energetic, joyful and inspiring.

  • This is a high-quality f2 variation of the cannabis strain that’s regarded as the one of the finest Sativa-Indica hybrids ever made available, the legendary Jack Herer! At weed Seed Shop, a big part of our mission is to make it possible to buy really great cannabis genetics on a limited budget, and offering Jock Horror is one of the ways we feel we've succeeded.

    The Jock Horror seed-strain shares many traits with genuine Jack Herer. Because it has more Indica in its genetic makeup, heavy-yielding Indica phenotypes are somewhat more common with this hybrid. The Sativa side is still strongly expressed, with plants gaining plenty of height in the flowering stage. It's a reasonably easy weed to grow, especially for people who already have a little experience.

    Jock's long, solid buds glisten with a resin covering that’s almost as dense as the original Jack Herer strain; trichomes often cover bud-leaves and can even extend to the stem and branches!

    Jock Horror’s rich flavour is made up of sweet and citrus elements wrapped in a sharp, Hazey tang. When smoked, its effect is a combination of powerful body stone and soaring cerebral high.

  • For extreme Sativa lovers who can't choose between two of the best examples of this kind of cannabis - WSS presents a higher-than-high hybrid of old school Haze and recent superstar NYC Diesel, in a feminized auto-flowering seed strain. Much of the work involved in cultivating Sativa - dominant strains of this calibre is removed by these traits; there is no need to worry about extracting male plants, nor different lighting cycles during the course of the grow period and flowering time. Harvests of long, thin, typically Sativa buds sparkling with trichomes couldn't be easier to achieve for those who choose to buy weed Seed Shop Diesel Haze!

    The supercharged sativa aroma and flavour of Diesel Haze maintains the sharp citrus notes of classic NYC Diesel, overlaying the subtle chamomile flavour of Haze. The effect is as powerful as is to be expected from a hybrid with this Sativa-dominant heritage: sometimes introspective, sometimes sociable, but always extremely uplifting. An especially good choice for both stimulating the appetite and enhancing the experience of eating!

  • Super Skunk Feminized is a successful upgrade of the famous Skunk #1. She’s an equally famous Indica-Sativa seed strain that’s fast to flower and produces a fantastic harvest of highly potent bud. Super Skunk Feminized is also easy to manicure, thanks to the high bud to leaf ratio of the finished colas; the few tiny leaves that do develop within the dense flowers are so smothered in crystals that they can be treated as extra petals!

    While Super Skunk Feminized is usually grown indoors, she can also perform well in a greenhouse and in a warm, sunny climate she can even grow and flower outside. Seeds of this classic cannabis hybrid, when planted in large pots or free soil, grow into plants that can achieve truly massive proportions during the course of a good summer.

    In the late Eighties, Super Skunk was one of the first strains to offer smokers even greater potency than the powerful import hashish that people could buy in Amsterdam coffeeshops at the time, and this super hybrid is still famous for her sweet, pungent flavour and extremely strong high.

  • Top 44 Feminized is one of those strains that are loved by both commercial and domestic growers. It is a top-quality strain with an incredibly fast flowering time (as little as 44 days, which is where this strain gets its name) and is generally well-suited to all kinds of growing operations. Top 44 is available is a feminized seed, which means all the seeds are going to turn into female, flowering plants.

    Top 44 is an indica-dominant hybrid and was originally bred in the Netherlands. This strain gets its genetics from a Skunk bred with a Viking. Its THC content puts it in the mid-range for the strains of weed that come from Skunk parents but is nonetheless a strong high.

    The effects from Top 44 are both strong and long lasting, although the variety of stone seems to differ over the experience. An initial euphoria comes into both the mind and body immediately after smoking, but after some time it turns into a very sedative body high. It could leave you on the couch for a little while. The flavour is rich and peppery and her aroma is skunky.

    This is one of the easier strains to grow and that is why it is loved by both experienced commercial growers and newbies alike. Top 44 is quite a compact plant, meaning it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growers alike. It won't take up too much space in your grow room and if you're growing outdoors, it should not be any taller than your fence. It has a flowering time of as little as 44 days and up to 60, putting it in a very short time frame for flowering. The beauty of Top 44 is that it also produces great yields. She does require a little TLC to get the most potential out of the yield, but experienced growers should find this a breeze.

    Limited space, limited time, and high demand are no problems to contend with if you're growing Top 44. This is an ideal strain to have as a part of any commercial growing operation and is a great choice for new time growers. With yields as high as 500 grams per square metre, there is no wonder it is so popular!

    Medical properties of Top 44

    Top 44's high indica content means it's great for those who are experiencing physical pain or discomfort. It is particularly effective for muscle pain. It is an extremely relaxing high, which means it can be used to reduce stress or anxiety and it is also well known for increasing the appetite. Also a great strain for ensuring a good night's sleep.

    How to identify Top 44

    The Top 44 plant is covered in thick, dark green, fluffy buds and there are dark green leaves dispersed all over it. It grows just like an indica, so its branches are thick and sturdy. The buds have long red pistils all over them.

    If you like Top 44, you'll also like ...

    If you're an indica lover and you really appreciated how heavy the fruit basket was after harvesting Top 44, then you should definitely check out our Super Skunk Feminized seeds. They too have a heavy yield and produce a heavy indica stone. For those who want to take the yield one step further, check out our Big Bud seeds!

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Bubblelicious is a mostly-Indica cannabis strain which produces a surprisingly heavy yield for such a compact plant. It will grow vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks. Bubblelicious is an ideal choice for people who want to buy cannabis seeds for a large, quick, potent harvest of firm dense buds.

    Bubbelicious was originally developed in the US, before being brought to Holland in the 1990s and improved by having its flavour and potency intensified through careful breeding. In more recent years, this delicious type of marijuana is being rediscovered by a new generation of cannabis fans who are eagerly being swept into the clouds by its unusual candy flavour.

    If given a longer than usual vegetation time and enough space, Bubblelicious plants can achieve a size which allows them to produce a truly weighty harvest. Kept smaller and encouraged towards the more compact side of their nature,the yields are still very satisfying. Bubblelicious seeds produce highly resinous and super-sweet plants; the best individuals become suffused with the distinct aroma and flavour of pink bubble gum, which gives this super special plant its name!

  • Early Bud is a mostly-Indica cannabis seed strain with a great yield and the ability to grow outdoors in short summers. Whether grown indoors or out, this is one of the fastest-flowering cannabis varieties in our collection and is an excellent choice for situations where cultivation space is limited.

    Early Bud is a later variation on the famous Early Girl, delivering a smooth smoke and a pleasantly strong high. When grown outdoors in cooler climates, the falling temperatures at the end of the season can cause Early Bud’s leaves and flowers to turn shades of deep purple, red and even lavender. This makes it a beautiful and unusual-looking addition to any garden, and if you plant out Early Bud among other plants with shades of vivid green, the effect can be extremely striking.

    Early Bud has a superbly fresh taste and a very clean, body-centred high. People who want to buy cannabis seeds for an easy to grow, uncomplicated and rewarding plant capable of producing a great amount of buds that are ready for harvesting by the end of September need look no further!

  • Top 44 is one of the fastest flowering cannabis varieties available to buy at weed Seed Shop, or indeed anywhere! If conditions are favorable and the gardener already has a little experience in creating the ideal environment, Top 44 can flower in just over 6 weeks, or 44 days - hence the name! An Indica-heavy hybrid with a good dash of original Skunk, this reliable bulk bud producer has made a lot of people very happy over the years, and continues to find new fans among commercial and personal growers alike.

    Top 44 is also highly recommended for novice and beginner level gardeners - not only is it a robust and vigorous weed type, it's also rewarding to see such great results in such a short space of time. Weed Seed Shop has found Top 44 to do very well in small grow spaces, such as closet - size indoors or south-facing, sunny balconies outdoors. The growth pattern is more bud-on-a-stick than bush or tree so Top 44 does well when grown using the Sea of Green technique.

    When consumed, the classic flavour of Skunk can be tasted along with pepper and spice; the effect is penetrating, relaxing and long-lasting.

  • New Purple Power is a purple cannabis variety that descended from a Haze with strong Thai and Colombian influences, an Afghani cultivar and a very early flowering Dutch Skunk. That means that this strain is exotically colourful as well as extremely resilient in harsher climates.

    The first purple cannabis varieties to arrive in Europe in the late ’80s came straight from the West Coast of the USA. Because of their incredible colours, flavours, and strong highs, they gained popularity extremely quickly. But they were generally well-suited to the Southern climates, and were not faring so well in harsher Northern European climates. Breeders got down to work to create purple strains that were more suitable for growing outdoors in the north, where it can get very cold and wet.

    New Purple Power is one of the successful outcomes of those breeding programs and it was soon noticed that the colder temperatures at the end of the Northern outdoor season brought out even darker purple, red, and blue colours than were seen in the US strains. This encouraged people to fall more in love with New Purple Power as a decorative addition to the garden, as well as a powerful smoke.

    Of course, New Purple Power doesn't mind warm, sunny climates, but it is even known to be able to withstand the less marijuana-friendly Dutch climates. It is resilient and strong and strongly resembles a sativa plant. It is more appropriate for outdoor growing, as it is extremely tall. The leaves are long and thin and look like fingers. They, too have swirls of colour in them. This strain produces quite a hefty yield for the grower, and with a little bit of extra attention the potential is enormous.

    Smoking this bud is a delight, as it has quite a mild, although uniquely sweet and sour, aroma. The taste is tropical and fruity. The high from New Purple Power is upbeat and quite clear, meaning it's perfect for social situations. However, it also gives a long-lasting body high that lasts longer than the cerebral high.

    New Purple Power is a perfect addition to the garden because it looks absolutely wonderful. Purple buds are usually coveted among smokers because of how exotic and hard to find they are. The best way to have purple buds is to grow your own, so add this easy-to-grow strain to your garden.

    Medicinal properties of New Purple Power

    This strain is generally grown by marijuana enthusiasts because it is beautiful and a complete delight to smoke. However, its relaxing physical effects mean it is good for treating pain, as well as relaxing before sleep. It can help relax the mind and body for those who suffer from insomnia.

    How to identify New Purple Power

    Identifying New Purple Power is easy, because it is purple. The stems are long and purple from the very beginning of its growth, and the buds contain swirls of red and blue sometimes, too. Almost all of the colours that appear in the growth of New Purple Power make it into the final dried product.

    If you like New Purple Power, you'll also like ...

    If New Purple Power worked well in your garden, then you should also check out Swiss Miss. It is another exotic and unusual strain of marijuana that is also well-suited to colder climates, and even higher altitudes. Early Bud is another strain that can turn purple in colder climates and is well known to survive well in colder climates. It also produces a very pleasantly strong high, as does New Purple Power.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Named after the second highest peak in the Himalayas, K2 is an Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid with a heavy yield.

    This seed-strain has an attractively short flowering time and will grow very well with the Sea of Green method. Because of its compact structure and tight, weighty buds, K2 is a great choice for indoor cultivation in relatively small grow-spaces. Outdoors, weed Seed Shop's K2 will happily grow into chunky, pine tree shaped bushes when cultivated in climates with a long, warm summer.

    K2 has a long-established reputation in Holland as a reliable commercial cannabis strain to buy, because it is even easier to cultivate than the "White" varieties. The smoke is potent, acrid and sweet, with just a hint of Skunk. A large proportion of Indica genes in the makeup of K2 produces a long-lasting body stone, enlivened by an initial uplifting effect from the Sativa component. At Weed Seed Shop, we enjoy being able to experience the heights of K2 without having to actually climb any mountains!

  • Skunk #1 is the original heavy yielding Indica-Sativa cannabis hybrid! Many gardeners choose Skunk #1 when deciding to buy weed seeds for the first time, and for good reason. This ancestor of nearly all indoor cannabis strains is as easy to grow, robust and vigorous as it was back in the early 1980s when it first reached Europe. Weed Seed Shop Skunk #1 is also extremely versatile in terms of grow environment, and can thrive inside, a greenhouse, or outside in areas with fairly warm climates and a good amount of sun.

    It's hard to imagine a world before a stable hybrid perfectly suited to indoor growing even existed. Skunk #1 revolutionized the potential of indoor grown cannabis with its groundbreaking combination of Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold and Afghani genetics. It took first its birthplace of California, and then the rest of the world, by storm and is still a force to be reckoned with today.

    Weed Seed Shop Skunk #1 has a short flowering time and doesn't display a lot of variation in phenotype, making it a crop that's easy to manage and reliable in both growth and yield.

    The sweet smell of classic Skunk #1 increases as the fat buds develop, and once they are cured the full flavour can be enjoyed even by gently squeezing the buds. The effect is a giggly, potent high that should not be underestimated!

  • NYC Diesel is highly renowned for being an extremely potent strain of marijuana. It is a sativa-indica hybrid and, although the indica levels are slightly higher than the sativa, the flavour and buzz scream of the sativa component of this plant. This strain was so popular when it came out that it was the winner of a number of Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s. weed Seed Shop is proud to offer you a feminized seed variety of this strain, meaning all seeds grow into flowering females.

    As the name suggests, this strain has its roots in New York City, where people first fell in love with it as the ultimate smoke for cannabis enthusiasts. NYC Diesel gets its genetics from a Sour Diesel clone and an Afghani/Hawaiian father. The high sativa content comes from the sativa heavy Sour Diesel, whereas her Afghani father is what gives the chilled indica vibe.

    This strain hits powerfully when used with a very euphoric high to begin with and what turns into a wonderful body high afterwards. Both stages of the high are extremely strong, which makes it a popular strain to have in the stash among many smokers. It is a happy, talkative kind of high, which makes it great for social events. The taste is very distinctly citrus and the aroma is pungently lime and grapefruit. Some people can sense the distinct diesel flavour that NYC Diesel gets from its Sour Diesel parents.

    In terms of growing, this plant gets quite tall, meaning it is not ideal for those who are growing in a smaller grow space. Its sativa qualities give the plant a sativa-like grow pattern, meaning it is tall and lanky. It grows best in warmer, sunnier outdoor climates. It doesn't have the shortest flowering time in our range of seeds, but is well worth it for the heavy yield. NYC Diesel requires 55-70 days for flowering time and, with a little bit of extra attention, you should be able to yield quite a large amount.

    Overall, NYC Diesel is a good addition to an outdoor garden. It is potent and heavy yielding and is well worth the extra time and effort required to grow this strain.

    Medical properties of NYC Diesel

    This strain is well known for producing less of those paranoid effects that anxiety-prone users experience from time to time. It is a great strain for a stressful day or for someone who is experiencing a little anxiety. For this reason it could potentially be used to treat mood disorders or depression, but it’s better to consult a medical marijuana practitioner before doing so!

    How to identify NYC Diesel

    Like any good sativa strain, NYC Diesel buds are dense and tightly packed with goodness. When this strain is dried properly, it has quite a crumbly texture It has distinct orange pistils growing throughout and the colour of the buds are generally a lighter green.

    If you like NYC Diesel, you'll also like ...

    If you don't mind putting the extra work into growing a high-quality bud, then you should also check out White Widow. This is a strain with an XXL yield that requires some love and attention. Also check out Amnesia, which doesn't have quite as large of a yield but is nonetheless a top-quality smoke.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • California Orange Bud is one of those strains that are recommended for anyone, whether you are growing bud for the 100th time or for the first time. It grows well in a range of conditions and climates. It produces an incredibly high yield when it is looked after properly and the flavour and aroma are distinct. It is a sativa-indica hybrid which leans more on the indica side and gets its indica genetics from a North American Indica.

    California Orange was brought from the sunny Californian country side to Holland for a genetic overhaul. These genetic changes made it more suitable for growing indoors in greenhouses or under lights. That has made California Orange Bud a strain you don't need to compromise any factors on, whether it's production or quality.

    This strain is an absolute delight to smoke with its extremely distinct flavours of citrus, which are mouthwatering to the user. Its flavour can also be spicy at times and the aroma is strong of the smells of orange. This smell of orange becomes especially pronounced during the flowering stage.

    Growing California Orange Bud is relatively easy and fuss free, meaning beginners and experts alike can get the most out of growing this strain. For outdoor growers, it will produce the best buds in a sunny, warmer climate, but this strain does well indoors, too. It grows to be quite tall, so make sure you have enough space for it in your garden. The flowering time for this strain is relatively long, flowering between 65 and 70 days. However, don't let this deter you, as the yields are quite large, especially when extra care is paid.

    Overall, this strain is a great addition to have, especially if you like those extra powerful strains of marijuana.

    Medical properties of California Orange Bud

    The higher indica content of this strain means that it can be helpful for treating muscle pain and any kind of physical discomfort. However, beware that the sativa component gives quite a lot of energy, so it is better not to use it before bed or for those with insomnia.

    How to identify California Orange Bud

    If you're walking past a California Orange plant in a garden, you'll know from the aroma of orange in the air. During the flowering stage this plant has quite a delightful aroma. After it is picked, the buds are thick, dense, and sticky. They are covered in resin and are generally more orange-coloured than they are green. In some growing conditions the buds will even develop a slightly pink tinge.

    If you like California Orange Bud, you'll also like ...

    If you're a fan of the potency of California Orange Bud, then Crystal strain might be for you. It is extremely potent in effect and produces an even bigger yield than California Orange in roughly the same flowering time. Those who like California Orange will also probably like White Widow, another powerful indica-dominant hybrid that has a large yield.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Swiss Miss is another one of those rarer, more exotic types of marijuana. It is an extremely indica-heavy hybrid strain. It is loved by growers because of its genetic characteristics that make it incredibly easy to grow, and its ability to thrive under very basic growing conditions.

    Swiss Miss's roots start high up in the mountains, from the Swiss Alps all the way to the Himalayas. In fact, this strain gets its genetics from a quite a diverse heritage. It was bred in the Alps of Switzerland from an Afghan Skunk variety, a North Indian cannabis variety, and an ancient hash plant from Nepal. That means that this strain is specifically designed to grow in cooler climates and at higher altitudes. She can flourish just as well high up in the mountains as she can in a tropical climate by the sea.

    She is basically fungus resistant and can withstand extreme temperature changes between warm days and very cold nights. This overcomes a lot of problems that growers can have with overnight condensation. That also makes it a perfect strain to grow both indoors and outdoors. However, those who are living in colder climates in the mountains should take advantage of this strain's ability to grow outdoors. Another beneficial characteristic of this strain is its short flowering period, which is only 45-55 days. This strain also has the potential to produce quite a heavy yield if a little bit of extra attention is paid.
    The aroma of this strain is sweet with citrus notes such as orange, and a similar taste accompanies this. The effect of smoking this strain is quite a mellow high that is smooth and relaxing for both the body and the mind.

    This strain is really for those who are unable to grow other types of bud because the climate where they are simply will not permit it. Otherwise, this strain is a delight to have around because of its exotic look. It is quite an unusual strain to come by and is perfect for marijuana connoisseurs.

    Medical properties of Swiss Miss

    The high indica content makes this strain perfect for those who are suffering from any kind of physical pain. It will relax the body and calm the mind to ease the pain. Its relaxing effects also make it great medicine for those stressful days or for difficulty getting to sleep.

    How to identify Swiss Miss

    Swiss Miss has a very peculiar look about its buds, as its hairy pistils are white and furry. It really does look like it has been snowed on, and even the buds themselves can look white. The leaves are frosted white and the buds are covered in trichomes. The buds are also quite dense and heavy. The orange scent of this strain is also a main characteristic when identifying it.

    If you like Swiss Miss, you'll also like ...

    If you like the exotic look of Swiss Miss, then you must have a look at New Purple Power, which also has quite a heavy yield. Of course, for those who are growing this strain because of the climate where they are growing, then other strains well-suited to harsher climates are Holland's Hope and Early bud.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Northern Lights x Big Bud is a predominantly Indica cannabis seed strain with great commercial potential. We don't know anyone who has decided to buy this bulk-yielding hybrid
    and then regretted it! Vigorous, robust traits from both parents ensure that Northern Lights x Big Bud generally gives a trouble-free grow performance, although after harvesting you will need to make sure you have enough containers for the huge amounts of bud!

    This cannabis variety blends the extreme potency of Northern Lights with the outrageous yield of Big Bud to make a marijuana hybrid which can deliver quality and quantity at the same time. It's a combination we love at weed Seed Shop, and worth every day of the flowering period, which is a more than reasonable length given the size that the chunky, crystal-covered buds develop by the end of it.

    The smoke from Northern Lights x Big Bud is rich and heavy, often forming layers in the air during an extended smoking session. The taste is earthy, spicy Afghani - unsurprising for a ganja type with an Indica heritage this strong - with just a hint of Skunk.

  • Chronic is one of those perfectly balanced hybrids that create an indica-dominant growing pattern but overwhelmingly sativa effects. It is a world-renowned strain and has really become the measure for what good-quality cannabis is like. This strain was crossed between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 to get its wonderful genetics and has since been used as a parent for other strains such as the AK-48. Chronic was made famous by the West Coast hip hop scene of the early nineties and is still incredibly popular today. Chronic seeds available on weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, meaning they will grow into both male and female plants.

    Growing this strain might require a little bit more attention than other strains, but the results are worth it. It grows to be an average height but follows more indica growth patterns. It needs an average flowering time of 55-70 days but in that time should produce an XXL yield for the grower. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor growing, and for outdoor it prefers a sunny, Mediterranean climate.

    Plants gain more height in flowering than a pure indica but will not grow wildly like a sativa. Branching is strong and productive, with some limbs growing buds almost as big as those on the main stem. Like Big Bud, full-flowering branches should be supported to avoid being broken by the weight of their yield. The fabulous and potent huge harvests that can be achieved from Chronic mean that very few people ever regret deciding to buy these seeds, although we're sure the occasional novice smoker has regretted deciding to consume too much of it!
    The experience of smoking Chronic is something like honey, flower, and spice. The flavour of this strain is wonderfully sweet, and the aroma is earthy and woody when burnt. It is an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high for the user and is great at causing the giggles. This strain is great for a party or social event.

    Overall, the popularity of Chronic isn't without reason. It was the Cannabis Cup winner because of how much both consumers and growers love it. The power of this strain is the best thing about it, and the extra-large yield is a bonus for growers!

    Medical properties of Chronic

    It is extremely relaxing to use Chronic, so we recommend it to those who are suffering from stress or anxiety. However, the sativa content makes it a strain you shouldn't be using to get to sleep late at night. It is also very energetic, so it could be used on those days when one is feeling a bit slow or sad.

    How to identify Chronic

    The thick, dense, resinous buds of Chronic are the main characteristic. They are a deliciously light green covered in long brown pistils, and the trichomes are impossible to miss. These nugs can get as big as your hand!

    If you like Chronic, you'll also like ...

    Please check out the White Rhino strain if you enjoyed growing and smoking Chronic. It is another powerful cross breed that is indica dominant, and it too produces a great yield. Also check out California Orange Bud, which is another powerful strain producing a great yield and looks and smells great in the garden!

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Those who like to grow weed purely for the joy of harvesting a big sack of herb have found exactly what they are looking for in Big Bud. And it's not just about the huge yield but the monster nuggets that grow on this plant. This is the answer for all of those people who can't make their stash last until their next harvest.

    Big Bud is available in a variety of seeds here at Weed Seed Shop. It is available in both feminized and auto-flowering types. However, this seed is a regular Big Bud seed, meaning that it will produce some male and some female plants. That means some of them will flower and some of them will produce more seeds for you to plant.

    Brought from the USA to the Netherlands for preservation, this strain has made it from the 1980s until today, meaning it’s been a strain loved by more than one generation. It boasts quite an impressive genetic line of Skunk and Afghan with Northern Lights. There's no wonder people have loved growing and smoking this strain for over thirty years now, being both impressive in the garden and in a smoke.

    Big Bud lightens the mood by making the user feel happy and euphoric. However, it's the high indica content in Big Bud that gives it its powerful body high, providing a relaxing sensation throughout. Big Bud has been known to make users quite sleepy after using it. It is a pleasure to smoke this strain's earthy and woody flavors and spicy aromas. You can even detect a citrus smell from Big Bud. Overall, Big Bud is the perfect way to relax, either alone or with close friends and family!

    Big Bud is generally quite easy to grow, although it is a little bit time-consuming. Whether indoor or outdoor, Big Bud grows extremely well and produces ridiculously big yields. It requires a flowering time of 55-70 days, and for outdoor growers a warmer, Mediterranean climate is recommended. It is definitely well worth the extra time spent cultivating for the yields it produces. That is why this strain is generally recommended for commercial growers because the amount of enormous buds is basically unmatched. During cultivation, the smell of cannabis is quite subtle, but a gentle squeeze of the ripening tops will release a mouthwatering scent of sweet citrus, as well as leave you with sticky fingers from their thick coating of resin glands!

    Medical properties of Big Bud

    Anybody dealing with physical pain, soreness or discomfort of the body can use the indica content of Big Bud for its healing properties. It soothes and calms the body and so is also perfect for treating insomnia. The sedative effect will put the user into a relaxed enough state to fall asleep.

    How to identify Big Bud

    It's called Big Bud for a reason! You might not find buds this big on any other strain and that's the main characteristic of this strain. Buds are densely green and have brown pistils and trichomes sprinkled all over. This strain does not grow particularly many leaves on it, and so none should make it into dried buds.

    If you like Big Bud, you'll also like ...

    If you enjoyed the smoke more than anything, our recommendation is the WSS Skunk strain. Beware that this strain doesn't produce yields quite as high. If your preferences lean towards the indica side, you would probably enjoy the AK-48 strain. And for those who just love a fat yield, have a look at Chronic!

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • OG Kush follows in the footsteps of previous legendary varieties such as White Widow, AK-47 and Jack Herer by being a must-have cannabis strain for serious growers and consumers alike. weed Seed Shop is very proud to present this feminized expression of OG Kush, making it easy and straightforward to produce crops of plants that will all flower as females.

    Our version of OG Kush is descended from a Pakistani Kush crossed with Lemon Thai and then in turn crossed with Chemdawg (another legendary strain in its own right). This brings out a strong, 75% indica composition with a very obviously Kush influence, both in flavour and effect. However, it is the 25% sativa element that first becomes apparent when OG Kush Feminized is consumed. The initial effect is an uplifting high with a smooth lift-off. This comes from both the Lemon Thai component and the sativa element in the Chemdawg. The combination of this uplift followed by the deep, relaxing body stone is one of the reasons for the enormous popularity of OG Kush.

    As a strain to grow, it has a lot to recommend it also. Obviously, as a feminized strain, beginners will benefit from not having to identify or separate out the males. The Kush element comes to the fore again in terms of plant structure and appearance: short and bushy. This growth pattern makes them a great choice for people with limited ceiling space in their growrooms, and also for those wishing to use the Sea of Green technique.

    When drying and curing them, be sure to remember to give your buds sufficient air circulation so that there is no risk of mould. Each bud will be covered with a chunky layer of THC-rich trichomes by the time the short flowering period is complete. This should only take 55 days, quick enough to delight even the most impatient grower.

    Once you have properly cured your sparkling buds, you can experience the distinctive taste of OG Kush Feminized. It’s got a big fruity mouthfeel that is quite different from the usual earthy, spicy Hindu Kush flavours. There is a really pleasant sweetness that is reminiscent of ripe berries. The aroma is similar, but sharper and brighter. It may even remind you of the Diesel family, with its topnotes of mouthwatering citrus.

    Medicinal properties of OG Kush Feminized As a cannabis strain to relieve stress, it has won an enormous amount of fans and continues to do so! OG Kush Feminized is great for resting once the initial cerebral high has dissipated into a deep relaxation. It’s also reported to be very effective against migraines and ADD/ADHD.

    How to identify OG Kush Feminized The leaves are wide-fingered and quite dark green. The plants themselves remain squat, with only low to medium height gain. The buds of OG Kush are a delight to behold. They are dense and compact; prepare to be pleasantly surprised if you weigh them, as they can be a lot heavier than they look!

    If you like OG Kush Feminized, you’ll also like… If you enjoy the stress-busting aspects of OG Kush Feminized, then you should also try our Trainwreck Feminized. This hybrid is heavier on the sativa side than the OG Kush, with dominant Mexican and Thai genetics, so it will grow quite a lot taller despite also having Afghani genes. The effect is uplifting and euphoric, and recommended for those suffering from ADD/ADHD and anxiety.

    For a strain more on the indica side, have a look at our White Rhino. Although not feminized, White Rhino is pretty easy to grow. It stays short and produces big chunky buds. It has a sedative effect that makes it ideal for insomnia and stress relief.


    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand

  • Our Indoor Mix Feminized seed-pack contains a selection of different Indica-dominant cannabis strains such as White Widow, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, all in feminized versions that grow and flower like females!

    This assortment provides the grower with excellent seeds as well as a wide array of top-quality marijuana genetics, without the need to buy a lot of different packs of feminized cannabis seeds. Indoor Mix Feminized can bring any garden to life with an interesting range of beautiful plants which will all behave as if they were female. Due to their similar Indica growth patterns, all the seeds found in the weed Seed Shop Indoor Mix Feminized can be grown and flowered in the same space and harvested around the same time, making them super-easy to cultivate while still providing an interesting range of variety within the relaxing stoned effects of the Indica spectrum.

    This top quality feminized seed selection is a great bargain and is suitable for adventurous growers and novices alike.

    Remember: variety is the spice of life!

  • Northern Lights Feminized is a pure Afghani, feminized seed-strain with a short flowering time, plus amazing production and potency. If you're looking for something quick and easy, these are great cannabis seeds to buy, even for beginners.

    As a parent-plant for breeding new strains, the Northern Lights family is almost as popular as Skunk #1. NL has the same advantages of potency, yield and vigour, plus a much lower grow odour than any Skunk. A large proportion of high-power, high-yield cannabis hybrids gain their desirable qualities from the NL genes in their background!

    Northern Lights has always been an extremely rewarding plant for indoor marijuana growers who now have the advantage of being able to choose an all-female version of this well-loved variety.

    Northern Lights Feminized has very short internodal gaps and produces thick clusters of rock-solid buds with excellent resin production. Her smoke is full-bodied, sweet and acrid, with quite a subtle taste; many cannabis connoisseurs agree that NL’s main flavour is that of burning resin!

  • Mexican Haze is a mostly-Sativa cannabis strain; a blend of Jack Herer, Acapulco Gold and Haze. This cannabis hybrid is already one of the more famous members of our seed collection due to its explosive cerebral high and the fact Mexican Haze won a prize during the 2013 Highlife Cup in the Haze Hydro category!

    Mexican Haze is usually an indoor plant, but will also grow outdoors in a sunny Mediterranean climate. Both inside and outside, Mexican Haze will gain a lot of height during the flowering period; this enables the impressive bud formations full space to develop, so if you're planning to buy Mexican Haze seeds we do recommend you take the height of your grow space into consideration!

    This strain produces a very heavy yield for a Haze variety. Growth pattern is classic Sativa – tall and slender with a longer flowering period – and worth every bit of extra effort!

    Buds are long, open and thick with resin. When smoked, Mexican Haze has a fresh, fruity taste and a staggering, almost hallucinogenic high.

  • Pure Power Plant Feminized is a strikingly potent, mostly-Sativa seed strain developed in the late Nineties from southern African cannabis varieties including Durban, Swazi and Malawi. In recent years, this extremely popular weed hybrid hybrid was made into an feminized version, allowing a wider range of growers to enjoy her qualities as the feminized seeds became available to buy.

    The tremendous growth potential of this feminized powerhouse is a prime example of hybrid vigour, where the offspring of unrelated varieties perform better than either of the parent strains. PPP is very energetic at all stages of growth and she gains a lot of height in the flowering stage, allowing great yields from full-sized plants.

    Pure Power Plant Feminized will grow long, sparkling buds with a sweet, pine-aniseed flavour and a powerful social buzz that encompasses both mind and body. At Weed Seed Shop we think this commercial classic is often underrated; it's been a favourite on Amsterdam coffeeshop menus for years with good reason, and deserves rediscovering!

  • Mexican Haze Feminized is a mostly-Sativa strain. A blend of Jack Herer, Acapulco Gold and classic Haze, this feminized cannabis hybrid is already one of the more famous members of our seed collection due to her explosive cerebral high.

    Mexican Haze is usually an indoor plant, and can also be grown outdoors in a sunny Mediterranean climate. People who buy Mexican Haze Feminized seeds can expect a beautiful, almost tropical garden of vivid green plants with branches that reach upwards vigorously, especially during the flowering period. Be prepared for plants that can quadruple in size by the time they are ready to harvest!

    Her growth pattern is classic Sativa – tall and slender with long internodal gaps and an extensive flowering period – but the results are well worth every bit of extra effort!

    This feminized cannabis strain produces a very heavy yield for a Haze; her buds are long, open and thick with resin. When smoked, Mexican Haze Feminized has a fresh, fruity taste and a staggering, almost hallucinogenic high.

  • Big Bud has been coined the strain of weed that was made to survive the War on Drugs, and that's because of its incredibly high yields. The size of the buds on this strain is so enormous, there would be enough to win the War on Drugs. It is also available on Weed Seed Shop in an autoflowering version.

    The autoflowering characteristic of this strain means that it will automatically switch from the vegetation stage to the flowering stage. It is not required that the grower takes the initiative to change the light/dark phases. The plant will do it all on its own! This means that most plants are ready to harvest within 9 weeks from the seed, making it ideal for those who are looking to get a good yield in a very short amount of time. Autoflowering is also a very good option for those who are growing in a limited space, as these plants are short and bushy, not usually growing taller than a metre. It is also great if you're trying to hide your plants from nosy neighbours. None of the characteristics of the strain are compromised by choosing an autoflowering strain!

    This strain originated in the 1980s, developed in the USA before finally making its way to the Netherlands. It was breeders there who preserved the strain to be available to this day, through some very clever genetics work. The main objective of genetic work on this strain was to make it suitable for the extreme conditions of the Northern European summer. Its genetic makeup comes mainly from Skunk and Afghan varieties, and also contains the genetics of Northern Lights.

    Big Bud gives the user a strong body high due to its very high indica content. The buzz is happy and light and generally quite a gentle experience. The high indica content means it can also make the user quite sleepy. The flavour of this smoke is earthy and woody, whereas the aroma is quite spicy, sometimes resembling a citrus smell. Big Bud is a smooth bud that is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

    Autoflowering varieties are generally recommended for outdoor growth, as there is really no control required over the light/dark periods. However, because they are quite short, they are still appropriate for indoor growth. A regular, warm climate is all that is required for the outdoor growth of Big Bud Autoflowering, and it doesn't even require a lot of extra feeding. During cultivation, the smell of cannabis is quite subtle, but a gentle squeeze of the ripening tops will release a mouthwatering scent of sweet citrus, as well as leaving you with sticky fingers from their thick coating of resin glands!

    Medical properties of Big Bud

    Big Bud's high indica content means that it could be extremely effective medicine for a number of symptoms. Those who are experiencing physical discomfort should try Big Bud, as it is well-known for relaxing the body. This strain is also recommended for those who are battling symptoms of insomnia – the truckload of indica should put you straight to sleep.

    How to identify Big Bud

    If someone puts an enormously big bud in your hand, there's a high likelihood it's Big Bud. They are quite deliciously green and have some brown pistils dispersed over the buds. There are hardly any leaves on this strain, so you shouldn't see any of them on dried buds really. There are small, shiny trichomes all over the buds.

    If you like Big Bud, you'll also like ...

    Those who like to smoke Big Bud will also like to smoke the WSS Skunk strain. They have similar genetics, although the WSS Skunk doesn't have as big of a yield. WSS Skunk is also available in autoflowering. We also recommend the AK-48 strain for those who like the very strong indica content of Big Bud.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Haze Automatic combines the uplifting effect of Haze, the classic Cannabis sativa strain, with the useful auto-flowering abilities of Cannabis ruderalis and the more compact stature of Cannabis indica to create a new masterpiece of feminized marijuana breeding! Haze Automatic gives growers easy and satisfying yields of lush flowers with a fresh, fruity flavour and an active, cheerful high.

    Once upon a time, Haze varieties of cannabis were only grown by gardeners who could sustain their 16-24 week flowering period and cope with their soaring height, in the knowledge that their reward was usually a less-than-massive harvest of fluffy buds. It was the incredible, energetic, joyous cerebral high produced by these buds that made it all worthwhile. By reducing both the flowering time and the height of that preeminent Sativa, Haze Automatic auto-flowering feminized seeds make her sought-after effect attainable for many more cannabis cultivators, even those who need to buy seeds for growing outdoors in temperate climates.

    Instead of waiting for a change in light cycles, this amazing Haze hybrid begins auto-flowering after about seven weeks of vegetative growth, when plants are still quite small. The flowering period is around 55-75 days and by the time Haze Automatic is ready for harvest, she is generally only 90–120cm tall.

    Outdoors, the auto-flowering advantages of feminized Haze Automatic seeds allow plants to be harvested in September, sometimes even earlier if started at the very beginning of spring.

  • The legend, but easier! Our OG Kush Automatic takes so much of the work out of producing great weed, it practically grows itself. A powerful hybrid, it delivers a sativa high followed by a long-lasting indica stone that is perfect for relaxing without being completely couchlocked. Fresh citrus and black pepper aromas enliven the experience!

    Fusing the stunningly popular OG Kush with a particularly perky Haze ruderalis cross to create an autoflowering OG Kush was tricky, but absolutely worthwhile. Then we feminized the result to create a fully automatic cannabis seed strain that we know you’re going to love. Most autoflowering strains are short and tend towards the indica end of the spectrum, but our OG Kush Feminized shows off its sativa heritage. The plants easily reach at least 80cm by the end of the 70-80 day flowering time, and can achieve a metre more than that under the right conditions. If you have restricted height in your grow space, this may not be the strain for you. On the other hand, if you have a tall, narrow grow area or you want to experiment with supercropping or training, OG Kush Automatic may have gifts in store for you!

    The sativa traits are easily identifiable in the overall appearance of this beautiful strain also. The leaves are long and thin, and a vivid bright green colour. During the weeks when they are in flower, you will be able to see the development of a classic spiralling bud formation that twirls upwards around the central stem and long lateral branches. Anyone who has been around Haze varieties should easily be able to recognise where this growth pattern comes from. The aroma is sweet and very appealing. The flavour is less sweet, containing fresh bursts of sharp citrus and black pepper.

    However, unlike the pure examples of that side of the family, Weed Seed Shop OG Kush Automatic delivers buds that are dense and solid rather than fluffy and loose. This is where the Kush element comes into its own, bulking out the buds and causing them to pack on a thick layer of resinous trichomes. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by how heavy they are after curing!

    The carefully calibrated combination of sativa and indica really comes into its own when this strain is consumed. First, the soaring, cerebral effect makes consumers uplifted and quite euphoric, dissolving stress and promoting a feeling of well-being. Shortly afterwards, the relaxation of the indica side manifests by dissolving muscle tension and physical discomfort. One of the features of this strain which has greatly contributed to its popularity is how long the effects last. You can look forward to an enduring session of relaxation with our OG Kush Automatic.

    Medical qualities of OG Kush Automatic The splendid balance of indica and sativa in this cannabis seed strain makes it a good choice for medicinal use by people with stress disorders, ADD/ADHD, and migraines. Despite the Kush heritage, there is a strong uplifting and stress relieving effect as the initial part of the experience before the more predictable indica relaxation begins.

    How to identify OG Kush Automatic This is an unusual member of the Kush family in that it does not follow the common ‘short and bushy’ growth pattern. Look for a more sativa shape, featuring graceful leaves with long narrow fingers, and tight buds that spiral around the stem and branches.

    If you like OG Kush Automatic, you’ll also like… If it’s the autoflowering and sativa elements of OG Kush Automatic that you like, try our Diesel Haze Automatic for another cannabis seed strain that’s easy to grow and delivers a powerful high. If the preliminary uplift followed by the long-lasting relaxation from the indica side is what you love, try our K2. The effect is the same, but the growth pattern is different: plants will stay short and chunky.

  • Super Skunk is what happened when some of the top breeders in the Netherlands decided to improve on a cannabis seed strain that had already changed the rules of how marijuana could grow: Skunk#1. A powerful hybrid with the same ability to grow and flower like an Indica yet deliver the uplifting buzz of a Sativa as its ancestor, Super Skunk from weed Seed Shop is an outstanding refinement of the original Skunk.

    In cool and temperate climates, Super Skunk gives its best performance when grown indoors, where the largest harvests and most potent effects will be obtained. Great results can also be achieved in greenhouses, especially if they get a lot of light. People who are lucky enough to enjoy a warm climate with long hot summers could also buy Super Skunk seeds to grow outside.

    The classic flavour of Skunk #1 is even more intense in this turbo-charged newer variety. Sweet and pungent, the smell of Super Skunk seemed to permeate every Amsterdam coffeeshop from the late Eighties onwards, and it is still extremely popular today. The high is soaring and powerful, accompanied by a pleasant relaxation that avoids being sleepy or immobilizing.

  • Afghan bud is an original indica cannabis strain that comes from where the earliest cannabis plants are said to have grown. This bud is said to have been found in the mountains that live on the border of India, Nepal, and Afghanistan, the Himalayas. This is also where the famous Kush comes from, as there is a section of the mountain range called Hindu Kush.

    This strain has played an important role in the gene pool of many other strains as its genetics have been used and passed down. The main interest that geneticists had in the Afghan strain was its incredibly resinous buds, and they were interested in passing this genetic down to other strains of marijuana. This is why many strains have Afghan parents! It has been selectively bred in Holland to create seeds for indoor cultivation and is enormously popular around the world.

    Pure strains can be very hard to come by on the commercial market, and so having this is actually a prize for marijuana connoisseurs. It is a delight to smoke and to grow, and it's hard to find plants whose genetics are original.

    Afghan smells earthy and spicy and sometimes even smells like incense. Its undertones are sweet. Its aroma is exactly to match. The smoke of Afghan is thick and heavy, and the effect is a very strong, sometimes soporific buzz. It sedates the user into a deep, euphoric meditation and is therefore not recommended for use before doing something important.

    This is really an ideal strain for growers because it ticks all of the boxes. It grows well indoors or outdoors, but for outdoor climates, it prefers a warmer, sunnier, Mediterranean climate. It is 100% indica, which means it grows like an indica into a shorter, more compact plant. It is strong and sturdy to support huge buds that produce quite a heavy yield. A little bit of extra care ensures an even bigger yield, and the flowering time is comparatively short at 50-65 days.

    The Afghan seeds available at weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, meaning that they will produce both male and female plants. This is an ideal seed for growers who are even interested in experimenting with mixing the genetics of this plant with others!

    Medical properties of Afghan

    This 100% indica strain means it can make the user extremely drowsy, although quite euphoric. This means it is recommended for those who are treating insomnia, as it can put you straight to sleep. It is also extremely sedative, meaning it is good for a stressed or nervous state of mind.

    How to identify Afghan

    The buds of the Afghan plant have a darker green colour to them and are covered in long, bright orange pistils. These buds are quite resinous, meaning they will leave your fingers sticky after touching them. The buds are densely packed with plant material and are quite heavy.

    If you like Afghan, you'll also like ...

    If you enjoyed growing and smoking Afghan, you will also probably love Aurora Indica, which is extremely indica heavy. For growers, this strain also gives a heavy yield.

    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.

  • Ice Feminized is an Indica-Sativa hybrid with a very heavy yield. Indoors, this feminized cannabis variety is a good choice for people looking for a weed type to buy that works well in both hydro and soil systems. Ice Feminized seeds can also be grown outdoors in regions with a temperate or Mediterranean climate.

    With the Ice Feminized seed-strain, we have successfully united quality and quantity. Her ancestors include an old-time Afghani, a very special Skunk, classic heavyweight Northern Lights and the world-famous Silver Haze. An exacting selection process involving thousands of plants was used to isolate and reinforce the special balance of qualities found in this feminized hybrid.

    The buds produced by Ice Feminized are thickly coated with trichomes and have a very dense structure with a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Solid colas cover the upper sections of her main stem and branches.

    Her effect is stoney and heavy with a rich, sweet, resinous flavour which contains hints of a sharp, almost astringent aroma.