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We cannot provide you with grow information about Chronic on this website.
There are many websites that do provide grow guides and explain how to grow cannabis strains like Chronic. Some only describe how to germinate Chronic seeds, while others focus more on growing phase. Information on how to dry and cure the mature female Chronic plant can also available from other websites.
Some good examples of a Grow Guides for Chronic can be found here:
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  • Chronic is a cannabis hybrid with a mostly-Sativa effect and an Indica-dominant growing pattern, making it fast, dense and capable of fantastic yields while still sending smokers sky-high. This cash-crop seed strain was made world-famous by the West Coast hip-hop scene of the early Nineties; ‘the Chronic’ was mentioned in dozens of songs and had at least one album named in its honour.

    Plants gain more height in flowering than a pure Indica, but will not grow wildly like a Sativa. Branching is strong and productive, with some limbs growing buds almost as big as those on the main stem. Like Big Bud, full-flowering branches should be supported to avoid being broken by the weight of their yield. The fabulous and potent huge harvests that can be achieved from Chronic mean that very few people ever regret deciding to buy these seeds, although we're sure the occasional novice smoker has regretted deciding to consume too much of it!

    The resin coating of this weed strain is thick enough to gum up scissors when trimming harvested plants. Chronic has a rich, dark-citrus flavour with notes of honey and musk and a powerful clear high that’s followed by a warm, long-lasting body-buzz.