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There are many websites that do provide grow guides and explain how to grow cannabis strains like Chronic. Some only describe how to germinate Chronic seeds, while others focus more on growing phase. Information on how to dry and cure the mature female Chronic plant can also available from other websites.
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Learn how to grow Chronic

  • Chronic is one of those perfectly balanced hybrids that create an indica-dominant growing pattern but overwhelmingly sativa effects. It is a world-renowned strain and has really become the measure for what good-quality cannabis is like. This strain was crossed between Northern Lights, Skunk, and AK-47 to get its wonderful genetics and has since been used as a parent for other strains such as the AK-48. Chronic was made famous by the West Coast hip hop scene of the early nineties and is still incredibly popular today. Chronic seeds available on Weed Seed Shop are regular seeds, meaning they will grow into both male and female plants.

    Growing this strain might require a little bit more attention than other strains, but the results are worth it. It grows to be an average height but follows more indica growth patterns. It needs an average flowering time of 55-70 days but in that time should produce an XXL yield for the grower. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor growing, and for outdoor it prefers a sunny, Mediterranean climate.

    Plants gain more height in flowering than a pure indica but will not grow wildly like a sativa. Branching is strong and productive, with some limbs growing buds almost as big as those on the main stem. Like Big Bud, full-flowering branches should be supported to avoid being broken by the weight of their yield. The fabulous and potent huge harvests that can be achieved from Chronic mean that very few people ever regret deciding to buy these seeds, although we're sure the occasional novice smoker has regretted deciding to consume too much of it!
    The experience of smoking Chronic is something like honey, flower, and spice. The flavour of this strain is wonderfully sweet, and the aroma is earthy and woody when burnt. It is an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high for the user and is great at causing the giggles. This strain is great for a party or social event.

    Overall, the popularity of Chronic isn't without reason. It was the Cannabis Cup winner because of how much both consumers and growers love it. The power of this strain is the best thing about it, and the extra-large yield is a bonus for growers!

    Medical properties of Chronic

    It is extremely relaxing to use Chronic, so we recommend it to those who are suffering from stress or anxiety. However, the sativa content makes it a strain you shouldn't be using to get to sleep late at night. It is also very energetic, so it could be used on those days when one is feeling a bit slow or sad.

    How to identify Chronic

    The thick, dense, resinous buds of Chronic are the main characteristic. They are a deliciously light green covered in long brown pistils, and the trichomes are impossible to miss. These nugs can get as big as your hand!

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    The medical information provided above is only intended as a guideline. If you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult a qualified physician beforehand.