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Medium Yield

Strains shown in this filter all produce a very decent amount of bud.

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Generally, types of cannabis that naturally produce a lighter yield compared to others grown under the same circumstances have more Sativa genetics in their background, delivering a more uplifting effect but reducing the size of the harvest.

Because Sativa strains tend to grow with a more open structure and widely spaced, spiralling bud formation than their Indica relatives, strains that show this side of their genetic heritage can perform well in humid environments where plants with more densely packed flowers can suffer problems with mould or bud rot.

All the strains offered by WeedSeedShop have an at least average yield, so even the seeds shown in the Medium Yield filter will grow cannabis plants that develop more than enough buds to delight pretty much every grower. WeedSeedShop also recommends marijuana varieties displayed by this filter for people who want to buy seeds for more exotic strains, where quality is a higher priority than quantity.