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Cannabis varieties whose name includes the word 'White' are highly productive hybrid seed strains that develop large buds which, by the end of the flowering period, are covered with a thick layer of resin crystals. White cannabis strains usually have an Indica dominance in their genetic background, grow thick, dense colas and complete their flowering period quickly. Although many White weed varieties are direct descendants of the famous White Widow, this is not always the case - a considerable resin content is the only real requirement to deserve the name or be considered as a variety of white cannabis. People who like White Widow should definitely consider seeds in this section when deciding what to buy next, and of course if you've never had the pleasure of growing or consuming the mighty original then White Widow is an absolute recommendation and one of the Weed Seed Shop favourites. Bud after bud, harvest after harvest, smoke after smoke, white cannabis varieties are consistently the most powerful, generally giving smokers a strong impression of deep physical relaxation, introspection and calm.
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