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Compact plant

This filter shows the varieties of cannabis seeds that have a relatively limited amount of height gain during their flowering period.

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The final size of cannabis plants is determined by several factors: the genetic background of the strain, the method of cultivation, the location of the grow and the size the plants have achieved during the growing period prior to the start of the flowering period. Indica-dominant plants tend to be shorter and stockier than their tropical Sativa cousins, which tend to stretch a lot.

WeedSeedShop varieties presented in this filter generally produce compact plants, and are recommended for people who want to buy seed strains suitable for growing in areas with limited ceiling height. Indoor grow techniques such as Screen of Green (SCROG) and Sea of Green (SOG) generally require plants that will gain little height but significant bulk during the flowering period, so people considering those methods should find this filter useful in deciding what seeds to buy. There are also some strains here that are practical for outside growing, for those who wish to cultivate plants that are limited in size and therefore more discreet.