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Average height gain

This filter shows the varieties of cannabis seeds from WeedSeedShop to grow weed plants that will reach an average height during their flowering period.

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The final size that a particular type of cannabis plant will achieve rests on various features: the cultivation techniques, the specific genetics of the type, the grow environment and the height the plants have reached by the end of the growing period before the flowering period begins. Mostly-Indica cannabis types will grow bushier, more squat plants with short internodal gaps, whereas Sativa varieties produce taller, lankier plants.

All the WeedSeedShop varieties presented in this filter generally come from crosses of Indicas and Sativas, resulting in average height gain during the flowering phase and a blend of the different effects in varying proportions according to the strain. This filter delivers a perfect selection for those people who want to buy seeds for varieties with Sativa effects while benefiting from the reduced size of a typical Indica.