So, you want to buy cannabis seeds! You’re in the right place. At Weed Seed Shop we have an extensive range of cannabis types to suit virtually every taste, so we’ve created some sections and a filter system to help you quickly find the best marijuana seeds for you.

Novice gardeners who want the best cannabis seeds for beginners should check out our Beginner Strains section, where the types we’ve selected as being ideal for first-timers can be found (also great for people who just want a super-easy, robust crop).

For those of you who simply want lots of weed in the shortest possible time - and we know there are a lot of you! - the Cash Crop section boasts the heaviest yielding, fastest flowering types of marijuana, all of which are potent enough to satisfy the most demanding consumer.

The Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering sections group our weed seeds by type. Regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female plants, suited to breeding, or cloning and growing big fat buds once the males are removed. Plants grown from feminized marijuana seeds don’t have male chromosomes, meaning they will all produce delicious smokeable flowers and there’s no need to get rid of male plants. Autoflowering cannabis seeds grow into plants that start flowering once they reach a certain age, and reach maturity without needing a change in light cycles. Each section also contains more information about that kind of cannabis.

To narrow down the amount of marijuana varieties you’re looking at, just use the filters (on the left) to browse by price, height, yield, length of flowering time, indica / sativa balance, growing climate, and type of cannabis seed.
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