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Gorilla Haze Feminized Seeds

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    Seed TypeFeminized strain
    Sativa / indicaSativa
    Flowering TimeLong flowering period
    HeightHigh plant
    YieldHeavy yield
    Climate ZoneSunny / mediterranean
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    Gorilla Haze Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain. Its parent plants are the Cannabis Cup-winning Gorilla Glue, and Amnesia. The plants grow to around 150 to 200cm, and produce large yields. They can be cultivated in warm, continental climates or indoors. Gorilla Haze Feminized is a low odour strain, with a pleasant lemon scent. The high is intensely uplifting, energetic and psychadelic.

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    About Gorilla Haze Feminized

    Gorilla Haze Feminized is sativa-dominant. This big-yielding strain has impressive parentage; including the multi-cup winning Gorilla Glue, and the renowned Amnesia. Like most sativas, the plants grow fairly tall, and produce a fresh, citrussy aroma. They can be grown indoors, or outside in a warm, continental climate. The high is exuberant, happy and almost psychedelic, with a hint of indica to provide a grounding balance.

    Growing Gorilla Haze Feminized

    Gorilla Haze Feminized cannabis seeds come from formidable stock. Their genetic pool features the world-renowned strain Gorilla Glue (a multiple Cup winner) and Amnesiac. However, while Gorilla Haze Feminized has the high THC and impressive yields of its parents, it also boasts a reduced flowering time, which is a real bonus.

    It’s sativa-dominant, and as a feminized variant, is much easier to cultivate. Fewer male plants means massively reduced rates of fertilisation, and even bigger results from your crops. The flowering stage lasts just 56 to 63 days.

    Like many sativa-strong strains, Gorilla Haze Feminized grows fairly tall. You can anticipate the plants reaching around 150 to 200cm, both indoors and out. They grow fastest during the flowering phase, and some can as much as triple their height during this time.

    It’s an attractive strain too. Tall and slender, the plants have elongated leaves and these are often covered in glistening resin. As well as elegance, this strain is generous too – when these plants start producing buds, they really go for it! As such, the yields are typically super-sized, especially in the hands of a seasoned grower.

    The buds are one of its most notable aspects. You can expect the nugs to grow fairly large, and to be covered in an abundance of resin. In fact, the resin is so plentiful that the buds are still sticky after they’ve been cured.

    For the best results, cultivate this strain in a warm, sunny climate. Somewhere continental is ideal. Alternatively, Gorilla Haze Feminized does well in a greenhouse or alternatively, you can grow it indoors. If you’re into your training techniques, experiment with SCROG (Screen of Green), SOG (Sea of Green) and lollipopping, as these produce good results.

    Effect, taste, and smell of Gorilla Haze Feminized

    This strain is mostly sativa, and it this really comes through in the high! Expect an immediate buzz of uplift, combined with an enhanced sense of creativity and sociability. Some even say it has a psychedelic effect, which offers a unique experience in itself. However, there’s enough indica in there for the high to remain nicely grounded.

    While growing, the plants produce a fresh, lemony aroma. The good news is that it isn’t too strong, which makes discreet cultivation that much easier. While the plants mature, the smell intensifies a little, taking on more complex notes of coffee and pine. These can also be picked up on in the taste, along with a dreamy note of haze.

    Make no mistake, this is a high-THC strain (around 15 to 23%). As a result, even experienced smokers should start off with a smaller amount, then gradually ease their way into it.

    Did you know?

    • Gorilla Haze Feminized is one of the most resinous strains available – the resin sometimes even coats the leaves and branches!
    • It’s a naturally mould-resistant strain
    • It requires some skill to get the best results
    • The parent plant Amnesia Feminized is also sold by WeedSeedShop
    • The other parent-plant, Gorilla Glue, has won two Cannabis Cups, and the High Times Jamaican World Cup

    • Feminized strain

      Gorilla Haze Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

    • Sativa

      The Gorilla Haze Feminized strain has large proportion of Sativa genes in its background.

    • Long flowering period

      Gorilla Haze Feminized will have a relatively long flowering time.

    • High plant

      Gorilla Haze Feminized will grow substantially during the flowering phase.

    • Heavy yield

      Gorilla Haze Feminized can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential.

    • Sunny / mediterranean

      Gorilla Haze Feminized can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.


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