9 Ways to Spend Less Money on Weed

9 Ways to Save Money on Weed- WeedSeedShop

While it’s so easy to justify spending loads of money on weed, it’s still just as painful. The moment comes in almost every stoner’s weed-smoking-lifetime that they realise they need to cut down on weed spending. We’re intervening to help you with that endeavour, which is why we’ve compiled this list of ways that you can save money on weed.

When you can make payday last all the way until the next payday, that’s awesome. But stocking up on weed almost always comes before the next payday. And that’s a fact. One of the hardest things to accept if you are a cannabis enthusiast is just how much it costs to smoke dope.

So, saving money on weed is on the agenda. We hear you!

Almost every stoner has somehow worked the cost of weed into their regular expenditure. But it can get pretty expensive and hard to keep up with while the rest of life gets more and more expensive.

This is where we dispel some deep stoner wisdom for you. We know you want to keep smoking weed, and we know you want to save money at the same time. And we truly believe anything is possible! Follow these 9 tips we have for you, and save some money on your greens!

1. Skip the wake n bake

Ok, let’s get the “hard to swallow” advice out of the way first. Skip the wake n’ bake. It is costing you money – in more ways than one. When you start off your day in that cloud of green goodness, it gets harder and harder for you to get stoned throughout the day. Which means you end up smoking more. Skip the wake and bake and see how much less weed you smoke in a day.

2. Use edibles

9 Ways to Save Money on Weed- WeedSeedShop

There is something so satisfying about the instant gratification effect of smoking weed. But you’d be surprised how much less you have to consume if you eat it rather than smoke it. Did you know that marijuana is much more psychedelic when it is ingested rather than inhaled? It also lasts much longer.

This is because it has to go through the digestive system, which means it also makes its way to the liver, where THC is converted to a much stronger compound. When you inhale, THC bypasses both the digestive system and the liver, and you don’t pack quite as much of a punch. Hence why your taste buds are always perking back up for a bowl!

Ingesting marijuana will make you feel higher for longer, which means you won’t need to use it as much or as often!

3. Put away the rolling papers

It is so easy to stuff a gram of weed in a joint – and we all know it. It’s even easier to puff away on that joint until – would you look at that, it’s finished!

It’s quite difficult to put just a pinch of weed in a joint. What kind of joint would that be? So maybe it’s time to have a little funeral and put away the rolling papers. It’s time to get out the pipe or vape.

When you pack a pipe or vaporizer, you can be much more conscious of how much weed you’re using every time you smoke. Which leads us to the next point…

4. Corner the bowl

If you usually find that you’re stoned halfway through a bowl, but don’t want to go back and ‘relight’ ‘burnt’ weed, cornering the bowl makes each hit just like the first one.

Cornering the bowl involves putting the lighter on just one corner of the bowl (rather than right in the middle). It means you can get twice (or more) as much out of a single bowl as you usually would.

5. Buy in bulk and save

9 Ways to Save Money on Weed- WeedSeedShop

We’re not suggesting you go out and make wholesale orders or anything. There’s nowhere in the world where you can get away with a pound of weed for recreational use. But more often than not, buying in halves or ounces is cheaper than buying in grams or eighths.

But we’re now entering some very dangerous territory. When you’re in possession of a half ounce or ounce, it can literally feel like pay day. It feels as if you can just go throwing all of your weed around because you have so much of it! That is not a way to save money on weed. You have to be smart about it.

When you buy in bulk, you have to be extra conscious of how much you’re using. Otherwise you’ll just find yourself back at your dealer’s place in a few more days.

If you’re buying a lot, you also need to take extra care that you store your buds well, lest they get too dry or mouldy. Oh, and of course, never buy more than the legal amount!

6. Distribute your weed across the number of days it’s meant to last

Do you consider yourself an organized kind of stoner? Well, if you’re trying to save money on weed, you could possibly become one.

If your half ounce is supposed to last you two weeks, why not try separating it into 1-gram nuggets. Then tell yourself that the said nugget is all you’re allowed to smoke each day. That’s a sure way to get your half ounce to last you two weeks.

This does, of course, require some discipline. Because as soon as you start making rules like this, life suddenly gets more stressful. And you need that extra half a gram in your day. And then you’re back to square one. Oh, how an abundance of weed can play tricks on your mind!

7. Don’t throw anything away

Most smokers think that there’s no value in leaves and stems. But there is, especially if you’re trying to save money. In all honesty, there’s almost nothing to enjoy about smoking the leaves and stems of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get you high. And they are certainly still full of medicinal benefits.

Use your leaves and stems to make cannabutter or cannabis tea. If you’re patient and can collect a solid amount, you can turn that marijuana material into a tincture.

8. Tell your moochy friends that you ran out of weed

Do yourself a favour and tell a little white lie. When your friends who love to mooch come over, tell them you don’t have any bud. And don’t light up right in front of them. Of course, sharing is always caring. Except when you’re trying to save money on weed.

When one day you’re a millionaire, you can give away free weed to all your friends! But until that day comes, don’t feel bad about keeping it to yourself every once in a while.

9. Grow your own weed

The solution to all problems related to marijuana is: grow your own weed. It might seem like an expensive venture at the beginning, what with having to buy soil and nutrients and all of the other costs associated with growing. You can get your hands on great quality cheap seeds, and in the long run growing weed is much cheaper than buying!

Growing your own weed comes with many other perks, too. You know exactly what goes into the process of growing it, so there doesn’t have to be any funny business involved, like chemicals or GMO.

Growing your own weed means the end of ever having to buy weed from a dealer ever again. How refreshing!

Trying to turn weed into a lower expense habit is hard work. It requires a lot of changes in the way that you have come to love using weed. But it isn’t impossible. We hope that you can manage to save some of your hard-earned cash by following our solid advice!


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