Autoflowering cannabis seeds created a total revolution in the way weed can be grown! By combining Ruderalis genetics with the finest existing marijuana strains, the good people on the cutting edge of cannabis breeding have created a selection of autoflowering seed strains that will surge into flower when they reach a certain age (usually only a few weeks) instead of needing a change in the light cycles to trigger the flowering period. Needless to say that autoflowering seeds have advantages for indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts alike!

Indoors, the lighting cycles can be left the same throughout the growing and flowering period and the plants will remain short and compact; outdoors in a fertile climate, the same patch of ground can easily produce two crops during the course of a single summer that would normally only produce one. Finally, a family of cannabis seed strains that can actually complete their entire life cycle in a pot on a sunny windowsill with satisfying results are a reality! Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds are a fantastic choice if you want to buy seeds for a quick and easy weed crop!

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